Lansterdam in Review: Smoke weed. Eat weed. If you’re brave, try them both at once.

Reviewing dank products from Stateside Wellness — and White Castle


Lansterdam in Review is a new column written by Kyle Kaminski, a City Pulse staff writer and cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Kaminski samples some of the best bud in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about it.

I couldn’t let this weekly weed review guide go on for too much longer without including some of the delicious, cannabis-infused edibles rapidly finding their way to the Lansing marijuana scene.

They usually make for a longer lasting, stronger and more complex sort of buzz. They’re also less intimidating to the uninitiated smoker, and tend to taste much (much) better than a blunt.

Stateside Wellness on Kalamazoo Street usually has a solid stock of edible products. And of course, I couldn’t just pick one. I also had to smoke a joint while I waited for them to kick in.

Wana Mango Sour Gummies
Price — $20/10-piece pack
THC content — 100 mg (10 mg per piece)

These Starburst-sized gummies are packed with flavor, none of which includes the aftertaste of marijuana. They’re tangy, puckery and covered in sugar. They’re also vegan and gluten free. I haven’t tried the other flavors (like grape, raspberry and orange) but I can vouch for the mango.

Think gummy worms, but a bit more firm. And nothing overwhelmingly sour, despite the label. The jar advises to start with one piece or half of one piece. I had five on an empty stomach.

I’m not getting into the science behind THC absorption, but it has a lot to do with fat content and individual tolerance. Just know that these are sativa-based gummies — and you’ll likely feel that energetic head rush that usually accompanies a potent sativa about an hour after you eat them.

RedBud Roots Night Terror OG
Price — $14/1g
THC content — 18.84%

I didn’t want to wait an hour for the gummies to kick in, so I smoked a joint to help pass the time. Plus, with a heavy metal name like “Night Terror OG,” on Stateside’s menu, I had to try it out. This relaxing hybrid indica clocks in at 19% THC. And the gummies were just kicking in.

At this point, the familiar body high that only edibles can produce was coming on fast, but was accompanied by a stimulating little bump of energy that I can attribute only to the sativa-based gummies. The sleep-inducing Night Terror OG, surprisingly, provided a nice balancing effect.

A combination of strains of Blue Dream and Rare Darkness, Night Terror OG leans hard toward a straight indica and is known for relaxing, unwinding and solid late-night smoke sessions. For me, it was a stress-reducing combo that killed all remaining anxiety at the end of a work day.

A gram of these dense, crystalized buds were brimming with orange and white hairs. It was a denser, more pungent smoke that made me cough. It carried a strong, fruitlike flavor on the front end — maybe grapes or watermelons or plums — with an herby, piney sort of finish on the back.

A round of extreme cottonmouth was quickly followed by an extreme case of the munchies, exacerbated by the absence of lunch earlier in the afternoon. That’s when I found a ride and jammed out to at least 40 minutes of Motown on the backroads to White Castle in Howell.

I wouldn’t normally mention dinner, but White Castle is basically a footnote in stoner history at this point and those juicy little sliders are the absolute best possible ending to a stoned car ride. Warning: Either this bud or the gummies may induce extreme hunger. I had eight hamburgers.


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