Letters to the Editor

Treat dead deer humanely


I saw Bath’s buck pole on TV and it sickened me. I think the reporters knew it would repulse the viewers. I understand we need hunters to keep the deer population down for the safety of drivers, but that has nothing to do with displaying for public view the dead bodies of these beautiful, harmless creatures. Hunters place food out for hungry animals, stay hidden and kill them when they come to eat. Why do they call their dead bodies trophies? Or they kill them with arrows and the deer slowly and painfully bleed to death. Why is that heroic? The least we can do is treat them with dignity after they’re dead. My friend in Pennsylvania — a big deer hunting state — said that he has never heard of anything so barbaric. He said they often hang them by the hunting cabins, but not display them for public view. We need township board members who will put an end to this disgusting, heartbreaking practice which makes our town look like it’s home to a bunch of hillbillies.

Judy Hood


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