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Welcome to Top of the Town 2022

Presented by City Pulse and Fox 47


The Rules

Welcome to the 15th annual City Pulse Top of the Town, cosponsored once again by Fox 47 News.

If you’re an old hand at TOTT, then jump right in. The only changes this year are we added 12 categories (see the box on his page) and, unlike last year, we are not automatically nominating the Top Five winners from the previous year. All nominations will come from the voters. That’s to place even more emphasis on the integrity of the contest. Yes, winners often place ads, which we assume results in more votes because of greater exposure. But it does not influence the results in any other way. This is truly the people’s choice.

To get started, you must visit There, you will find the contest’s homepage and you’ll be all set to vote. To begin voting, select any category. After you cast your first vote, enter your email address, name and ZIP code. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to continue voting.

Please note that all votes are submitted automatically. Once you've cast it — you're done. Don't worry about a second submission screen. 

If you need to stop and come back to your ballot or your internet browser was closed, you can return to the site and continue voting exactly where you left off. Remember that you can always log out by clicking on your email address on the top left. When you are ready to resume voting, you can log in back in and get back to the contest.

As always, you can vote in as many (or as few) categories as your heart desires. Just remember to finish your ballot before 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4. That should give you plenty of time to make even the most hair-splitting of decisions. The winners will advance to the second round, which will be announced on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

If your nomination is the first one for your choice, please be patient. It will be submitted to the approval process — so we can verify it is in the right category, spelled correctly, etc., so it will not show up immediately. If you do not see it after 24 hours, however, please contact John-Paul Murray at (517) 999-6707 or email him at

Also if you’re the first one to nominate your choice, you have an opportunity to comment. Please do! We want to use those comments in the next round — when the Top Five nominees are winnowed down to the winner and second and third place.

You can also send us your list of votes via snail mail to John-Paul Murray at City Pulse, 1905 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48912. While you’re on the City Pulse website, make sure you sign up for our new and improved newsletter, which has gone through a growth spurt even more dramatic than the irradiated lizard that became Godzilla. Not sure if you’re signed up for it already? Enter your email address and we will sort it out for you and make sure you only get it once.




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