Where’s the buffet?

Incorrect winner in Best Asian Buffet category



Ukai Habachi Grill & Sushi Bar has a lot going for it — but a buffet isn’t one of them.

That didn’t stop City Pulse from declaring it the first-place winner for best Asian Buffet in this year’s Top of the Town contest.

The venerable Japanese restaurant says some folks have stopped by for the non-existent buffet. Stop doing that!

Hey, stuff happens. Once the Knight Cap, known for its steaks, won for best pizza. The owners went with it by putting pizza on the menu (briefly).

How did Ukai win for something it doesn’t do? Well, a reader nominated Ukai — and enough others voted for it to make it No. 1. And our crack team of contest operators — one overworked City Pulse staffer without a yen for Japanese food — missed it.

Take heart, Ukai: Clearly you have incredible name recognition (even if a fair number of people apparently don’t know exactly what you aren’t. We have a solution for that: ADVERTISE.)

That leaves one more matter: Who did win for best Asian buffet?

No. 2 moved to No. 1 and so on: 1. Asian Buffet (Okemos) 2. Hibachi Grill & Sushi Buffet 3. Xiao

Congratulations. Oh, and … um … you all do have buffets, don’t you?


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