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Why I quit buying the LSJ


Re: Can the LSJ still fly? (Dec. 8).

It’s time to pull the plug. it is drowning and can’t be saved. Hard to believe that this town with a major university and a great little city can’t have a paper that brings out the goodness.

This is the capital of Michigan. We deserve better. Get another company that cares about us the good people of mid-Michigan.

I stopped my subscription and will not go back.  Online is as bad as the paper — nothing to read. What bs.

Arnold Parent
Grand Ledge

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  • bobbyblue359

    Stopped buying the Lansing State Urinal in 1967. It was a rag & remains a rag. We are such a backward place because we haven't had leadership in this town since I was born, (1945). Come to Lansing & enjoy the socialist/communist view. No political party or person has any foresight: we wait to see what others do & then follow a milk toast path in their footsteps. Doesn't matter if you go to a Republican city or a Democratic one: there is no vision for Michigan. We got what we voted for & our lackadaisical attitudes have stunted our growth for decades. Want to solve the problem? Look in the mirror & then go get involved: not for your self but for our state. Wake up Michigan & stop being so closed minded & backward. Freedom ain't free; you've got to

    Friday, December 24, 2021 Report this

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