Sept. 18 2015 01:19 PM

Gamrat wants her seat back, but newspapers are having none of that.

Cindy Gamrat
Courtesy photo

Two of West Michigan's most prominent newspapers didn't mince words in an editorial yesterday regarding former State Rep. Cindy Gamrat's announcement that she was going to seek election to the seat she was just booted out of.

You might recall, Gamrat, of Plainwell, is a traditional family values Republican and tea party leader who was caught having an affair with former Rep. Todd Courser of Lapeer -- another traditional family values GOP leader and tea party darling. When the affair came to light several weeks ago -- thanks to a former employee who secretly recorded conversations with two -- that state House Business Office was tasked with investigating the duo and determining if state resources were misused. That investigation determined that state resources had been misused and a special investigative committee passed two resolutions to expel the lawmakers from the body.

During that marathon all night session, Courser resigned, and an hour later, the house voted to expel Gamrat. She was escorted from the floor of the House after the vote.

The expulsion didn't stop Gamrat, however, as she has announced yesterday she was going to run in the special election primary in November. For her old seat.

She has told various outlets different things. She told Michigan Radio she wants to keep fighting for Allegan county voters.

She told the Detroit News she has had lots of support from voters since the expulsion:

Gamrat said she received an outpouring of support in the district — including a hug from a jogger recently — which influenced her decision to try to win back her House seat.

The Grand Rapids Press and the Kalamazoo Gazette, the two largest daily newspapers in West Michigan posted a very succinct editorial to this announcement:

On Expelled Rep. Cindy Gamrat's Re-election Bid


As this blog was being written, Courser announced he, too, would seek re-election to the seat he resigned from.