Oct. 5 2015 06:44 AM

Leeman answers City Pulse general election questions

For the general election, City Pulse asked all the candidates to answer a series of general questions. In Ward races, candidates were asked to answer Ward specific questions and concerns. Here are the responses from Harold Leeman, candidate for one of the two At-Large seats (Leeman hand wrote his responses without the questions, City Pulse presents his answers):

Public Safety:

  1. Work with county health dept., LPD, sheriff dept, courts, social agencies, clinics, hospitals, other police agencies, family and concerned friends in a tri-county wide effort – “a working group” fact finding and then a plan.

  2. Yes, I support this. We need to be user friendly towards addicts.

  3. Work with the working group (mentioned in Question 1).

  4. I need “more information” from all parties before taking a position.


  1. We have too much rental housing! We should have 30% rental & 70% owner occupied. We need a proper mix & rentals have taken over the entire city in the past 30 years (1985-2015).

  2. The mayors office & those involved (fire marshal/planning neighborhood development) need to make this a high priority, instead of studying the issue council needs to keep this on their top priority list in committees & at every council meeting & get the issues resolvedwe need positive results!

  3. Yes as long as the landlord has a “clean record” with the city. See properties need to be inspected on a yearly timetable.


A rating system needs to be in place in each of the 4 wards. Find the money in the General Fund & the job done in 10 years. – 100%

Social Issues

  1. No! Until the Federal Government says yes, I’m not in support of legalization.

  2. It’s working & it’s my understanding that there are some issues that some believe it’s broken. Therefore I need to know their issues, and if elected I will follow up to make sure it’s working for all of society.

  3. Yes – I’m for the woman’s right to choose.

General Questions

  1. a) Keeping & growing the middle class in Lansing.

  1. A quality school district hence,

  1. Sexton HS (W4) needs to move into the Waverly District

  2. Lansing Eastern (W1) into the East Lansing School District

  3. Everything south of Mt. Hope (W2/3) needs to move into the Holt School District

  4. Everything north of Old 27/Lake Lansing needs to move into the DeWitt School System

  1. That the mayors office & city council can relate to the citizens of Lansing and deal with their issues.

  1. 1) Growth in the downtown area

2) The city not taking care of the neighborhoods

3) The mayor & his administration thinking everything is OK in the neighborhoods, when things need to be fixed!

3. That all three are putting in the time to be elected.