Cardboard Classic

    2 to 4 p.m. race (Sled registration 1 p.m.)

    $5 per sled

    Gier Community Center

    2400 Hall St., Lansing

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    SATURDAY, Jan. 19 Lansing’s off the wall cardboard creations will careen down the slopes of the Gier Community Center today with weather permitting. Luckily, the weather forecast estimates a 70 percent chance of snowfall before the event.

    It is the 13th anniversary of the Lansing Community College radio event started by former LCC instructor Dave Downing. General manager for LCC radio and TV Dadelian Lowry took on the responsibility in 2013.

    “It is something for the family and something where people could get out this time of year,” Lowry said.

    Past years have seen participants make a Star Wars AT-AT walker, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and the Batmobile. Aside from sled time down the hill, participants are judged on design with awards given out in each category.

    The AT-AT walker didn't make it even part of the way down. Sometimes they do surprise you. Our slide we didn't think would make it. Last year, we made a big Biggby coffee cup and it cruised.”

    One cardboard sled, “The Zoom,” has been in service with the same cardboard from the event’s premiere 13 years ago.

    “It is a basic sled with two Pringles cans where you run and jump on it,” Lowry said. “It’s from an engineering student at MSU and every year he has done it, he tapes awards on his sled.”

    Cardboard sled participants can expect to register at 1 p.m., exhibit their sled to judges for an hour and then get in line to take their creations down the slope, Lowry said.

    Sledders will go down one at a time. The event is all ages. All funding will be split between the Gier Community Center and LCC Radio.

    “It isn't a big money maker and is more about the occasion.”

    If conditions do not support the event, a makeup date is scheduled Jan. 26.

    For more information, visit

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