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I don't like socialists. They're bad for America & terrible for Lansing. The fact that Betz got elected shows the degraded attitude of Lansing in General. Everyone complains about Government, but keep electing the same old lefties & Democrats because we have become a Democrat run City. Look @ America: Most cities that are Democrat run are the boils on the skin of this land. We need new blood. Trump turned everything around for the better in 3 years, & then the cheating of 2020 took place. Why can't we have other opinions & actions? America needed business decisions so we got a business man. Lansing needs leadership, not socialism. Why not find & elect real leaders, not agenda driven politicians? We have been Democrat way too long. Stop doing the same thing & expecting different results. Go get new blood & infuse our city with business decisions that help, not hurt. No police is a dumb idea. What idiot wants that? Ever see a city without police? There's a reason, stupid. Wake up & get to work finding the right people for the job & make our city better.

From: Betz says he let his socialist idealism cloud his judgment on police defunding

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