Top of the Town Final Round! Presented by City Pulse & FOX47 NEWS


Five weeks ago, when we launched our 2023 Top of the Town Contest, co-sponsored by FOX47 News, we imagined what would happen if friendly aliens visited Lansing and had a chance to experience the very best Lansing had to offer. Whom would they nominate or vote for as Lansing’s Best Olive Burger? Or Best New Business or the area’s finest in the rest of more than 300 categories?

Well, the aliens (and more than 18,000 Greater Lansing residents) have spoken: We can now present to you The Top Five — numbers vary based on ties or lack of nominees — left standing in each category of our 16th Annual TOTT Contest, and we’ve opened up the Final Round of voting! You have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Oct 31, to vote for your favorites at The WINNERS will be announced in our Nov. 15 issue.

BUT: If you are signed up for City Pulses newsletters you will receive the list of winners by email one day early. So, when you go to vote, be sure you sign up!

An important change for this round: When go to vote on the website, you will be asked to reply to a confirmation email (whether you’re returning to vote or doing so for the first time). That’s to keep out bots and spammers and keep the contest legit!

To begin voting (, select any category and follow the prompts. All votes are submitted automatically, there’s no second submission screen. You can always log out of your session and resume voting later. Yes, you can change your vote.

Any questions, please contact Steve Underwood at (517) 999-6705 (9 a.m. to  5 p.m. weekdays) or You can also send us your list of votes via snail mail to Steve Underwood at City Pulse, 1905 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48912.

Our new Lansing Guru web site will host the Top 5 results after the contest concludes and serve as an invaluable reference for our community all year long! And thanks so much to Dennis Preston for his outstanding artwork on the cover and with this story!

Again, make make sure you sign up for our new and improved newsletters to get the Top of the Town 2023 winners one day early! If you’re not sure if you’re one of the 8,800+ signed up for it already, please sign up anyway when you go to vote. We will make sure you only receive newsletters one time. You can also sign up for our newsletter on our home page at

Now — turn the page to start voting!


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