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Flash in the Pan: Advanced tabbouleh

Thousands of years of culinary evolution is no match for a farmer with a blender, and the creativity to put it to use.

Omi Sushi’s Tiger Roll

The Tiger Roll is one of my all-time favorite sushi roll creations.
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With any luck, Detroit Rising Development CEO Jon Hartzell hopes to bring some of that success to Lansing’s downtown riverfront by transforming the old City Market building into the Lansing Shuffleboard & Social Club, a $3.2 million renovation inspired by his work in Detroit.
The first female battalion chief at the Lansing Fire Department has alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a superior and subjected to unchecked homophobic and sexist harassment among her colleagues, which pushed her into an early retirement in 2019.
A Motor City cannabis brand is making inroads in the Capital City this summer with plans to open its fifth pot shop on S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between I96 and Miller Road.
It appears the pandemic may be nearing its final chapters as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across Michigan this week. In a strange way, I think I’m going to miss the government forcing me to have lazy afternoons at home with a bong. I’m still not quite ready to start shaking hands. 
Two of the five challengers who are facing off against Lansing Mayor Andy Schor in next month’s Primary Election have fallen out of compliance with state election law

Flash in the Pan: Tandy’s coleslaw

When I ask a chef for a recipe to print in this column, I know it is a big request. It is the core blueprint of their business. A storehouse of value and trade secret all in one.
New in Town

MexiTreats opens second location just in time for summer

Looking for the perfect place to cool down after a long day at the beach?

Flash in the Pan: The morels have stories

At the farmers markets of the West, it is common to find morel mushrooms for sale in little baskets.

New farm-to-table breakfast spot coming to Mason

Farm-to-table is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the restaurant industry. Some restaurants may guarantee farm fresh food but fail to follow through on that promise. Risen Breakfast and Bakery, opening in downtown Mason this fall, will source all of its ingredients from local farms in the area.

Flash in the Pan: Lettuce salad

The summer solstice is in the rearview mirror. Even though the hottest days are before us, the longest days are past. If you haven’t planted your tomatoes or melons yet, you might not bother. The plants will grow like steroid abusers, but there isn’t time for the fruit to ripen. Or maybe you’ll get one small melon. Trust me, I’ve been there.

New brewpub coming to Ionia Street

Salt Rock Brewing Co., a new brewpub restaurant coming to Lansing later this summer, is a longterm dream finally come true for couple and business partners Donna WIlliams and Steve Kelly. 

Flash in the Pan: Tastes like chicken

Even vegetarians and vegans love chicken nuggets, which explains the recent explosion of fake chicken nuggets onto the food scene. Chicken behemoth Tyson Foods is now selling Raised and Rooted chicken-free nuggets. Several other startups, including Nuggs, Daring Foods and Rebellyous, each has its own crispy breaded chicken-style product. Kentucky Fried Chicken, meanwhile, is tweaking its Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets.

Flash in the Pan: Scape skewers

Across the Northern Hemisphere at about this time, garlic plants are reaching for the sun. Each clove planted last fall has divided and swollen into a bulb of cloves, while the flowers emerge in a circuitous path. 

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