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Please inform "Nessel" that, first off there are also white, Latino, and Asian people dying while performing those duties! Secondly, I have driven past parks, lakes, or regular neighborhoods, and there are people playing disc golf together, fishing, walking with neighbors, and not one of those activities are safer in any way, shape or form, than playing golf. The biggest difference? Michigan has the 4th most golf courses in this entire country! How many employees, small business owners and people needing to "enjoy the outside" are being looked over? How many of those employees are now waiting on unemployment checks now? How many courses will end up going out of business permanently because golf courses without upkeep are golf courses that die? Oh.....and how many black folks or other "groups" that she panders to play golf as well? Maybe, there are actually "outraged white folks" who also understand the need for social distancing, and that completely closing down one of Michigan's biggest recreational industries altogether, only serves to add to the horrible health and economic crisis? Thanks for the article, I know who I will never vote for, or tell my circle to vote for again! By the way, please look into the "park and play" precedent being adopted in other states which depend on the revenue from this so called "white folks" game.

From: Country Club swings past COVID-19 pandemic in Lansing 

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