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Lansing City Pulse:

We read your article on Noble Road. We were dismayed to find you use our name and business to weave the story on Noble Road in with ours. We are not involved with this business. We do not appreciate the use of our business to advertise for an industry we do not support. We have worked for over half a century to build our own name, credentials, and customer base. We feel your article cheapens what we have worked towards. While we like Travis and his employees as individuals, we do not advocate for the cannabis industry. On top of that, a number of our former customers, are confused by this article and called us thinking Roma Bakery and Deli has come back to sell cannabis products. Your article is misleading and inappropriate for Roma Bakery and Deli. Please correct this and do not use our name, product, or business in connection with our former building.

Thank you,

Sostine and Mena Castriciano

From: Noble Road builds edible empire from old Roma Bakery

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