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This is easily the worst opinion piece I’ve read in years and I read a lot of college newspapers. How do you possibly count a less than 1% difference in votes for Duckett-Brown a “spectacular failure.” And this is so incredibly obvious that you don’t understand the huge cultural shift that has happened in Lansing. The fact that the crew was in the campaign and close at all shows that Lansing is continually moving left, even if not at the pace that progressive candidates would like.

You characterize racial tensions in this world only by its property damage. That’s racist. You did not provide any evidence of Schor actually doing things. Sure, he keeps hiring random committees with qualified black people. Then the committee gives him advice, he ignores it and makes a new committee. Rinse and repeat. Schor has been a stain on Lansing with his complete lack of action in the face of a global movement.

He also covered up the murder of Anthony Hulon. Hulon’s murderers are still on the force and didn’t even receive a reprimand. Only months later did the family actually learn the atrocity that occurred. I thought people wanted transparency in their politicians?

Just because the Crew didn’t have established Democrat money doesn’t mean it was a failure. There’s more to politics than one election and they built a platform for themselves and others like them to continue running in Lansing and making it a better place to live for all people, not just the old white people.

From: Lansing not ready for ‘The Crew’

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