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A free history lesson


As a historian of 20th century Europe, I wanted to extend an invitation to Eaton County Commissioner Brian Droscha to educate himself on communism, its goals and history, given the important role he states it played in his decision to vote against the proposed gun violence resolution on Wednesday. Michigan State University has an amazing faculty, able and willing to teach him about communism, yes, but also any number of subjects on which he might wish to speak authoritatively.

When it comes to the study of history, however, there is a catch: The history faculty teach predominately in Berkey Hall — or did until the shooting that occurred there. Attending a history class would thus require him to not only confront the fallacy of his own professed knowledge, but also the reality of his and his Republican colleagues’ repeated refusal to support gun violence legislation. An open and honest appraisal of history requires courage. Would that the commissioner had it.

 Karrin Hanshew


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