A new ‘plan’ for the Masonic Temple — just for today

Lansing Foodies announce takeover of would-be city hall


MONDAY, April 1 — If you’re easily taken in, April 1 is a day you’d probably prefer to spend in bed, covers drawn up to your nose.

But April Fool’s is also a day to have a little fun with words, something Lansing Foodies founders James and Erin Brains indulged with today’s announcement of the DYMY Restaurant in the former Lansing Masonic Temple.

According to the Lansing Foodies Facebook page, the new eatery should open next week “if Lansing’s new fire marshal cooperates.” The menu will include an olive burger topped with deep-fried olives—a nod to the concoction said to have been invented by Kewpee’s and copied by nearly everyone else.

By their reactions, some posters hadn’t been following the news of the Masonic Temple being considered for a new Lansing City Hall. Others caught on immediately.

James Brains said he got the idea only last week. The couple spent most of Easter crafting the prank, fueled by a diet of Adam Sandler movies.

“I'm relieved there haven't been any hard feelings about it, and people are getting a good laugh,” Brains said. “I love making people laugh.”

As much as he likes a good guffaw, Brains is gratified by the nearly 50 comments on the post.

“I think it speaks to the level of engagement and sense of community we've worked to foster in Lansing Foodies,” he said.

“We try to be inclusive and positive, and I think most people in the Lansing area appreciate that, and that's why we continue to grow.”


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