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Battle of the subscription boxes

Hemper vs. Daily High Club


Subscription boxes are everywhere. From groceries to pet supplies, the convenience of getting curated items based on personal taste delivered to your door is a still-growing industry. While subscription boxes containing THC products might not be available yet for reasons of state-by-state legality, smoking accessory subscription boxes are a huge success. 

Two companies offering such custom kits are Daily High Club and Hemper. If you’re looking to expand your glass collection, or need a unique gift idea this upcoming holiday season, read on as I break down a few choice plans.

Hemper Box from Hemper , $40,

Hemper, which launched in 2015, is known for its monthly, carefully curated cannabis accessory boxes. The company’s limited-run boxes include limited-edition glass bongs and bubblers with original artwork that ultimately become collectors’ items.  

Each Hemper Box comprises one themed glass piece and a handful of other goodies: a 14 mm quartz banger for concentrates and dabs, a 14 mm flower bowl for classic potheads, smoking papers and cones, lighters, hemp wick, cleaning caps and cleaning supplies. 

Hemper Boxes are available for $40 a month, which is a steal considering there’s easily $100 worth of product inside each box. 

If you’re looking for a box with even more products and a jumbo-sized version of the monthly glass piece, check out the Hemper XL Box for a cool $150. I snagged the Mystical Crystal Ball box a while back, and the Crystal Ball Rig is easily one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Its compact size makes it perfect to pass around with friends. 

If you’re not in the glassware market, consider picking up the Hemper Tech Box, Hemper’s solution to ensuring your glass pieces are as clean as the day you got them. These are available at a lower price point, $22 per month, and include its line of innovative cleaning products, such as isopropyl alcohol-infused cotton swabs, wipes, cleaning bristles and tips. Its website also ships a wide array of other smoking and dabbing accessories, like grinders, vaporizers and dab nails (not available for individual purchase).

El Primo Box from Daily High Club, $30,

Daily High Club’s business, started circa 2015 in the founder’s one-bedroom Long Beach apartment, is now one of the leading online retailers of glass water pipes, vaporizers and other consumption accessories. 

The club’s active social media presence has helped create relationships with celebrity influencers, such as Tommy Chong, B Real of Cypress Hill and RAW Rolling Papers founder Josh Kesselman. The most popular monthly subscription box option is the El Primo Box, which contains exclusive custom glass and cutting-edge smoking accessories for $30 ($100 value). Each Daily High Club box includes that month’s custom glass piece, glass banger, lighter, cones, odor spray, stickers and more. Individual glass bongs, dab rings, bowls and other pieces are also available online. 

Those looking to change up their blunt and joint game could benefit from Daily High Club’s smoking paper-based box, Connoisseur. This $20 monthly subscription box contains several rolling papers and hemp wraps that add some flavor to your next toke. If you’re a fan of RAW Papers, you’re in luck — Daily High Club has a gigantic online selection. They also sell RAW-branded clothing, bags, home decor and other harder-to-find items for collectors. 

Of course, always consider supporting your Greater Lansing shops, but when you’re feeling a bit exploratory, these boxes are fun and a great way to save a few bucks. 


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