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I didn’t know Anna’s House was a chain — there are 10 locations, all in Michigan — but I should’ve guessed based on its slick branding and decor and the huge number of staff. I visited the Okemos location on a Friday morning around 10:30, starving after a halfhearted hunt for morels, and it was packed. 

My companion and I sat at the coffee bar, which brings me to my first point of why this place is a kind of breakfast heaven: You can get an espresso drink with your meal. I often desire a fancy latte to accompany my treat-yourself breakfasts, but it’s rarely an option and usually requires a second stop before or after the meal. My first pick from the enormous menu was an oat milk latte with lavender, and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. 

The huge menu did present one problem: It took me forever to decide what I wanted to eat. Looking at all the no-upcharge gluten-free options and uncommon ingredients, I was feeling quite torn. Then I remembered I had just gotten my tax return and to-go boxes exist. Even narrowing things down to eggs benedict, I still had three options but ultimately couldn’t resist the sound of the poblano hollandaise on the Southwest version.

I ordered mine gluten-free, which meant the basted eggs were served atop pieces of gluten-free toast with guacamole, salsa and plant-based chorizo, which was tasty and less greasy than actual pork. The eggs were more overdone than I prefer, but the piquant richness of the hollandaise, combined with the fresh guacamole, saved the day. The American Fries were similarly cooked a bit past their prime, but this can be expected in a slammed restaurant at peak hours. My neighbor’s hash browns looked like a better option for future visits. 

I also added a side of bacon to accompany my couldn’t-resist-it gluten-free waffle. The bacon was good, but the waffle was superb. I don’t think most people would know it’s gluten-free. It was served with a crock of cinnamon-sugar butter that really put things over the top, even if my appetite only allowed for a few bites before it ended up in its inevitable doggy bag. 

I recommend dining early when the restaurant is less busy to assure quality control, but the sheer number of options, both for beverages (fresh-squeezed juices!) and food (loaded breakfast tots!), is a great reason to visit — and in my case, return. 


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