12 Days of Cannabis

Day Four: Bazonzoes

Highlighting medical and recreational dispensaries in Greater Lansing


This Q&A is part of a daily series highlighting the many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Greater Lansing. Check back for a new post every day this week. And stay tuned for our 420 print edition, which publishes on April 14.

How long has your company been in business?  

While Bazonzoes just opened in the Lansing area in August, we are actually one of the originators and first dispensaries in Michigan. Bazonzoes opened in Walled Lake in 2010, originating the concept of patient education. We will be opening our second location in Walled Lake (in a few weeks) and a third location on American Drive in Lansing later this year. 

Briefly walk us through the story of how (and why) your company got started. 

We originally opened because one of our owners was diagnosed with cancer and another with Crohn’s Disease. There were very few places at that time with safe access to medical marijuana and so the idea came out of a necessity to provide that to people in the area. Our mission was to open up a safe legal environment where every type of patient could choose from a variety of different products to help with their specific needs and ailments. 

Who is on the leadership team and what sorts of backgrounds do they bring to the table? 

Our owners are made up of leaders in the cannabis community who each bring their unique set of skills to the table to make us the strongest team possible. We have owners that specialize in the growing and processing side of the business and owners that specifically specialize in patient care. Perhaps above it all though, is our owners willingness to be hands on with business but not make it all about them. It creates a family-like atmosphere which trickles down to our patients and customers alike. It truly is typically a bud-tastic day at Bazonzoes because of our amazing owners and managers. 

Briefly walk me through the scope of your company. 

We will be vertically integrated soon once we have our grow and processing center open. We are currently in the Lansing market and are set to open in the Metro Detroit area in a few weeks. 

How many employees do you have, both locally and across the entirety of the company?

Locally we have 22 employees and an additional 32 or more will be joining us in Walled Lake.  

How has business been lately?  

Business is definitely picking up! We haven’t been open for very long and the winter months are always slower for provisioning centers, so we are really excited for spring to be in the air! 

What sets your provisioning center(s) apart from others on the local market?   

We truly appreciate our customers and patients and try to spend time getting to know them and their likes and dislikes. We put quality care and quality products first. We also are big advocates on eliminating the stigma surrounding marijuana and want to help people learn and appreciate the power of this amazing plant for healing. 

What does this company hope to accomplish?  

Our mission is to bring the highest quality cannabis products to our patients with the highest quality care. We hope to help end the stigmas surrounding marijuana and teach people about all of the things that this plant can offer them in terms of a better quality of life. We are also advocates for the communities that we are in and truly do our best to help them thrive. We are looking forward to continuing to give back and support locally as much as we can. 

Where do you see this company 10 years from now?  

We would love to be the first Michigan made household name of cannabis. We have expanded quickly since opening in Lansing, but there is always room for new opportunities. 

Any exciting new products on the shelves lately? 

The Double Bear cartridges are really getting a lot of love from our customers along with the  Kush Mints flower — a great price for a great high. The concentrate section is a customer must.  


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