12 Days of Cannabis

Day Six: Pure Options

Highlighting medical and recreational dispensaries in Greater Lansing


This Q&A is part of a daily series highlighting the many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Greater Lansing. Check back for a new post every day this week. And stay tuned for our 420 print edition, which publishes on April 14.

How long has your company been in business?  

Pure Options’s founders were medical caregivers in the early stages of the industry following the passage of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008. They were active advocates of early legislature and the recreational use statutes that laid the groundwork to provide safe, quality cannabis on a commercial level. The company in its current form coalesced in 2017 and has been growing ever since. 

Briefly walk us through the story of how (and why) your company got started.  

Pure Options was fueled by the passion and drive to produce desirable products and stay true to the idea of building quality and precision into everything we do. When cannabis became legal and mainstream, owner Sam Usman Jr, saw an opportunity to help bring the industry into the mainstream and destigmatize cannabis consumption for everyday people. From the beginning, he envisioned a fast-growing company that would be rooted in Lansing pride and provide jobs to our community.  

Who is on the leadership team and what sorts of backgrounds do they bring to the table? 

Our leadership team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, including the Colorado cannabis market and Domino's pizza corporate, and even includes a world-renowned DJ. The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and incorporates so many different types of skills that our team members bring to the table. 

Briefly walk me through the scope of your company. 

We are vertically integrated, growing and harvesting our own flower at Pro Gro, located in a completely remodeled facility in Lansing. We currently have provisioning centers in Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, and Muskegon, and we are providing wholesale flower to other provisioning centers throughout the state. 

How many employees do you have, both locally and across the entirety of the company? 

We currently employee almost 300 associates, most of whom work and live in Lansing.  

How has business been lately?  

We are hustling and happy that we are continuing to grow as a company across Michigan. 

What sets your provisioning center(s) apart from others on the local market? 

The most obvious advantage we have over our competitors is our precision crafted cannabis. Our team at Pro Gro is turning out some of the best quality flower Michigan has ever seen, and introducing new strains to the market that are turning heads. 

What does this company hope to accomplish?  

From our state-of-the-art grow facility to our expanding list of provisioning centers, Pure Options is dedicated to bringing precision-crafted cannabis to the Michigan market. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, creating boutique-quality cannabis on a grand scale, and striving to create Michigan’s premier provisioning centers, dedicated to creating a safe environment for learning about how cannabis can help you live your life to the fullest.  

When you visit one of Pure Options' Michigan provisioning centers, you’ll be greeted by knowledgeable Puristas and a curated selection of our carefully cultivated and processed cannabis products. We aim to create a community around cannabis and focus on education and accessibility in everything that we do. That’s why you’ll always find a Purista ready to offer individual recommendations about our affordable products when you stop by. 

Where do you see this company 10 years from now?  

We plan to have a dispensary on Mars with Elon Musk. But seriously though, we are proud of what we offer, and we hope to reach far and wide. 

Any exciting new products on the shelves lately? 

We are currently dropping a new Pure Options strain weekly on Fridays, with last week’s Moonbow creating a big buzz! We’ve also partnered with both Element Extractions and Monster Xtracts to produce high quality concentrates and cartridges from Pure Options flower. 

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