12 Days of Cannabis

Day Three: Edgewood Wellness

Highlighting medical and recreational dispensaries in Greater Lansing


This Q&A is part of a daily series highlighting the many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Greater Lansing. Check back for a new post every day this week. And stay tuned for our 420 print edition, which publishes on April 14.

How long has your company been in business?  

We began operating this location in August 2018. Prior to that, some members of our team have worked in Lansing’s cannabis industry since 2008. 

Briefly walk us through the story of how (and why) your company got started.  

Our team came together with a great vision and a unique building in Lansing for what, at the time, was designed to be the largest cannabis retailer by physical space in the world. We wanted to create a friendly atmosphere with the best employees with the most knowledge of cannabis and dedication to serving customers a diversity of the best cannabis — and to be a special destination spot, not just an average retailer. 

Who is on the leadership team and what sorts of backgrounds do they bring to the table? 

Our leadership team includes both owners and staff. Lansing native and leader of Michigan’s marijuana legalization movement MILegalize, local Attorney Jeffrey Hank, serves as company CEO, and is one of — if not the only — social equity owner in Lansing. Our team has diverse experience and backgrounds in cannabis, legal, interior design and art, chemistry, retail, real estate, finance and other entrepreneurial  endeavors. 

Briefly walk me through the scope of your company. 

We are affiliated with a vertical operation and have two other stores  preparing to open in Lansing, including the old Best Buds location on Michigan Avenue. Right now we are focused on retail. 

How many employees do you have, both locally and across the entirety of the company? 

Currently we have eight employees. It has fluctuated from higher numbers pre-pandemic, and we anticipate growing to 20-25 employees at this location as we open back up and expand with the consumption lounge. 

How has business been lately?  

Business is great! Our company is privately self-funded and owned by a small group of business entrepreneurs. 

What sets your provisioning center(s) apart from others on the local market?   

The best customer service, the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff, our dedication to Lansing and cannabis generally. Our design and the size of our establishment will be the most unique once completed. We aren’t “big corporate” cannabis. Our team is mostly local and we still consider ourselves “mom and pop” in this industry. 

What does this company hope to accomplish?  

Our mission is to elevate everyone’s experience with cannabis. One of our sayings is “elevate your experience with Edgewood.” We strive to help and provide relief to people who use cannabis for medical reasons, and to otherwise promote  positivity, relaxation, entertainment, love and happiness to everyone. We are working  to educate and change the conversation around cannabis, and use it to heal and regenerate people’s lives and to build up our community. 

Where do you see this company 10 years from now?  

We are expanding with a consumption lounge and as regulations permit, evolving into an entertainment-focused venue, including an art gallery and marijuana-themed museum. In 10 years, we plan to be here and be Lansing’s No. 1 cannabis store with an Amsterdam-style coffee shop and lounge. Our goal is to be in the cream-of-the crop of well-known unique and special cannabis experience destinations worldwide. 

Any exciting new products on the shelves lately?  

Yes! We have many new products right now, and there are too many good ones  to list them all, but some of our current favorites that anyone 21+ can purchase include: 

  1. The Helping Friendly — a wide range of full spectrum hemp products, along with  their new line of Delta-8 THC. We carry their FS hemp flower, tinctures, gummies, topcals, as well as FS  cartridges, Delta 8 gummies and capsules. There is so much to learn surrounding Delta-8, and if there is one company on the  market we trust, it is The Helping Friendly. They take pride in providing clean medicinal products to the Michigan market.  
  1. Terrapin — a wide variety of products at a very affordable rate. Our two favorite products from them at the moment are their Woods Reserve Logs, and their pre-rolls. The Wood Reserve Logs are organic vanilla tea leaves, pre-rolled with 1g of  top-shelf flower. It’s comparable in a way to smoking a blunt, however it burns a lot  smoother, and contains no nicotine or other harmful chemicals. The pre-roll packs  contain five .5g pre-rolls that you can take on the go for a walk in  the park. Also, a perfect for sharing with friends safely this 4/20! All available at Edgewood for both medical and recreational. 
  1. Monster - one of those highly medicinal products that can oftentimes be hard to come   by,  especially at an affordable price. We offer both RSO syringes, as well as tinctures. Both can be used to achieve the  same relief. Medically and recreationally available too. 
  1. Northern Lights - This Lansing local order hasn’t made it to us yet, but it’s on its way and we will be one  of the only stores in Lansing to have these yummy bars for 4/20! This company has been around since the very beginning. After taking a hiatus, they  are back, fully licensed and better than ever — now with six new 100mg chocolate bars. Each was thoughtfully crafted, using only the best plant medicine that mother nature  has to offer. There is a bar for each person, and for any time of the day to achieve relief. 

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