Eagle Township, Clinton County Board Meeting Synopsis



December 21, 2023, at 6 pm -   Present: Supervisor Stroud, Clerk Briggs-Dudley, Trustee Strahle, Treasurer C. Hoppes, Trustee M. Hoppes and 28 citizens.  

Board Actions:

  1. Approved appointment of Stephen Colby to the Abrahms Airport Advisory Board.
  2. Approved bills for December as presented.
  3. Adopted Ordinance 02-2023 to Amend Ordinance 01-2023 Confirming the Planning Commission and Its Zoning Power.
  4. Adopted Resolution 12-21-2023-01 for an Interim Zoning Ordinance. 
  5. Adopted Ordinance 04-2023 Ordinance Enacting a Moratorium on the Issuance of any Zoning Approvals during the Transition Period from Clinton County Zoning to Eagle Township Zoning.
  6. Approved referring MEDC response to resolution to terminate NDA to the attorney. 
  7. Approved increasing Regulatory Taking of Private Property liability coverage from $100,000 to $250,000 for a cost of $3,000 for Zoning Administration. 
  8. Approved making Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals members employees of Eagle Township.
  9. Approved moving forward with Public Engagement for Master Planning date of February 22, 2024 and mailing of marketing materials.
  10. Approved reappointing John Clark to the Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority Board.
  11. Approved placing letter from Mr. Grandstaff on file without further action.
  12. Approved appointment of Trustee M. Hoppes as ex-officio member on Eagle Township Planning Commission.
  13. Approved requesting Planning Commission to make a recommendation to the Supervisor to fill the open Planning Commission seat per the Planning Enabling Act.
  14. Adopted Resolution 12-21-2023-02 to Establish 2024 Meeting Schedule.
  15. Adopted Resolution 12-21-2023-03 to Amend Poverty Exemption Policy.
  16. Approved training for 2024 for board members and their deputies.
  17. Approved purchase of books from MTA for the Planning Commission.
  18. Approved wording change on future agendas to allow Citizen Comments on any item.
  19. Approved December 13, 2023, Special Meeting minutes.
  20. Approved purchase of cemetery flags and medallions for veteran graves.
  21. Approved purchase of ApexSketch V7 Pro software for the Supervisor for Board of Review. 


A complete copy of the minutes is available by contacting Laurie Briggs-Dudley, Clerk.

Next regular meeting of the Eagle Township Board is January 18, 2024, at 6 pm at Eagle Township Hall, 14318 Michigan St, Eagle, MI.   See www.eagletownship.org for latest updates.


Prepared by:   Laurie Briggs-Dudley, Eagle Township Clerk  

Approved by: Troy Stroud, Eagle Township Supervisor



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