Eyesore of the week: June 8, 2022


This multilevel home broken into apartments was boarded up by city officials as unsafe in November 2015. Since that time, the property owner,  East Lansing resident Brian McEwen, has not pulled permits to work on the property. It sits back off the street with an overgrown front yard filled with trees and a small sport of grass. 

The property has been issued 16 citations since 2013 for weeds and grass, and five trash citations since 2013. McEwen has owned the property since 1996, according to city property records.  

The roof on the building is sagging and bulging with clumps of moss growing out of the shingles. The garage in the back is held shut by a piece of lumber. The back door is boarded over. The front door, while not boarded over, has a weather-faded red tag on the storm door that is falling off. Next to the front door are three rusting mailboxes. 

The driveway is essentially clear but the south side of the building is filled with trees and weeds well over 3 feet high. 

McEwen did not return a phone call seeking comment.  


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