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Scott Rolen and Harry Saites, co-owners of East Lansing institution Lou & Harry’s Grill, have set out to install their new eatery (which is just two doors down) as another college town favorite. They used their unique perspective as long-standing East Lansing restaurant owners and residents to create Capo’s Cheesesteak Hoagies and Grill, which opened at the end of 2021 but wasn’t able to get fully up and running until recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We were noticing that late-night food options were dwindling in downtown East Lansing, and we wanted to help fill the void with something that works great at night as well as a perfect sandwich for lunch. East Coast-style cheesesteak hoagies and smash burgers seemed to be the perfect fit,” Rolen said. 

Filled with ideal after-the-bar foods, the menu also offers vegetarian options and unique desserts like funnel cake fries, raspberry cheesecake chimichangas and cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. Regardless of how many drinks you’ve had before tucking into a meal at Capo’s, the owners are confident you’ll be able to taste the care that’s cooked in. 

“All of our ingredients are fresh and made from scratch every day, and anything we can’t make ourselves we try to get from local vendors,” Rolen said. “Our bread is made in Lansing, and Capo’s secret steak marinade and all other sauces are made in-house.” 

Caring for and catering to the customer is a major inspiration for both Rolen and Saites, who like to participate as much as possible in their operations. 

“Scott has worked in every position of the restaurant over the years, from dishwasher to general manager/owner and everything in between,” Saites said. 

“And Harry, always being such a hands-on owner, has had a touch on every position as well. Harry will be found cooking on the grill one day and greeting customers the next,” Rolen said. 

They feel it’s this degree of connection to all inner workings of their businesses that sets them apart from other locally owned restaurants. 

“We are very involved and really care about the customers and staff that help support our dream,” Saites said. 

Capo’s also offers catering and prides itself on its ability to put orders together with little notice. Follow the business on Instagram or Facebook, @caposcheesesteak.


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