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There have been some major changes on Dunckel Road near Interstate 496 throughout the last year. The site of a former car wash has been transformed into Sapura — pronounced sah-pure-ah — an eye-catching dispensary that aims to let Lansing stoners have cannabis their way. Sapura is owned by Massachusetts-based Northeast Alternatives, and this is its second location in Michigan. 

“A lot of work was put into remodeling this building,” store manager Josh Haney said. “Aside from removing all of the equipment, we also had to address all of the water damage that had been neglected over the years. This took a while, but we’re excited about the progress that has been made and for folks to check the place out.” 

The hard work has definitely paid off. The inside of the dispensary, which opened April 27, is absolutely stunning. Art from the Brazilian illustrator and muralist duo Bicicleta Sem Freio (“Bicycle Without Brake”) lines the walls. The mural depicts a colorful portrait of a woman smoking a joint as her frog companion beats a drum beside her. This trippy and beautiful piece can also be found on the store’s equally gorgeous packaging, merchandise and apparel.

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing interior, Sapura offers a variety of products Lansing stoners can’t find at other dispensaries in the area. This includes brands like MI Loud Flower Farms, a Jackson-based cultivator that offers buds that are always slow-cured, hand-trimmed and never remediated. With most strains containing around 3% terpenes, each hit is guaranteed to be flavorful no matter how it’s consumed. Customers can purchase flower from MI Loud and other brands deli-style or choose from one of Sapura’s many prepackaged options. 

Twisted Trees’ prepackaged, kief-infused shake ounces are also part of the dispensary’s unique product lineup. For folks new to smoking, kief (sometimes spelled “keef”) refers to the pure and clean collection of loose cannabis trichomes, which typically accumulate after being sifted from flower or buds with a mesh screen. Shake, on the other hand, consists of small pieces of cannabis flower that have broken off the bud. While some cannabis brands and companies simply use kief and shake for pre-rolled joints, Twisted Trees combines them into a potent and smooth-hitting product that retails for $50 per ounce.

The dispensary’s most budget-friendly product is its Sapura Sack. Each smell-proof mylar bag contains two ounces of flower for $100. I took a peek at the Wedding Cake strain and was pretty impressed with what I saw. The outdoor-grown flower smelled delicious and had a beautiful dark green hue, with hints of purple. 

“Our drive-through is also going to be next level,” Haney said. “Customers will be able to pick up their online orders and place orders in the drive-through like they would at any fast-food restaurant. The building that they pull their cars through to pick up their orders is heated, which will be a welcome change during the snow-fueled winters.” 

Keep an eye out on Sapura’s Instagram, @sapuralife, for updates on the construction of its drive-through and upcoming events, like outdoor grilling days where staff will flip burgers and hot dogs for the community.


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