Lansterdam in Review: Fwaygo Extracts

Frosted Flower — It’s more than good. It’s dank!


Fwaygo Extracts is the reincarnation of True Labs, a cannabis processing company which rebranded itself in 2017 and now operates its packaging department at the old Roma Bakery building on Cedar Street. Last week, its co-founder Antal Zambo sent me an email with a tantalizing subject line: “I want to get you high, Kyle.” Obviously, I couldn’t turn him down.

Fwaygo doesn’t cultivate its own plants or sell any products directly to consumers. Instead, it partners with cultivation companies like Freedom Green Farms and stocks the shelves at several local pot shops like Pure Options, Bazonzoes, Pure Canna, Gage, Jars and Arcanna.

Zambo emphasized that his company isn’t at all associated with the popular soda brand Faygo. The name Fwaygo, instead, “just kind of popped up one night and the rest is history,” he said. 

The company has a roster of about 25 employees and primarily specializes in hydrocarbon cannabis extraction, meaning that a chemical solvent is used to extract specific compounds (like THC and THCA) from cannabis plant material. And its newest products pack a real punch.

Among them: Frosted Flower, a sort of upgraded version of a “moon rock” that involves handpicking buds, coating them with a layer of high-THC shatter and then rolling them around in 99.9% THC isolate. The end products are sold as both bags of flower and in pre-rolled joints — both of which were included in a sample package that Zambo dropped off for me at City Pulse.

We like to pride ourselves on our innovation,” Zambo added. “The management team are all medicinal patients, and we all use the products we sell, which gives us a better connection to the products we’re selling. 

Fwaygo x Freedom Green Farms —

Strawberry Guava Frosted Flower

Price — $80/3.5g

THC — 30%

These deep purple buds were sticky and absolutely covered in a white, sugary layer of THCA distillate — or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid — which is a cannabinoid with a distinctly different chemical composition from THC, known to enhance the medical benefits found in cannabis.

The flower itself was mild, sweet and fruity with mild hints of strawberry and banana. Combined with concentrated globs of shatter, this stuff was a real powerhouse. I found myself coughing a bit more than usual. 

Fwaygo x Goldkine Cannabis —

Mimosa Preroll (infused with Wafflez THCA)

Price — $30/1g

THC — 30% 

Mimosa is a relatively new hybrid strain in Michigan that crosses Purple Punch with one of my all-time favorite sativas on the local market: Clementine. Like the Frosted Flower, this pre-rolled joint was also infused with a hefty dose of THCA crystals and had a THC content pushing 30%.

This is the pairing with Saturday morning coffee for an energetic and uplifting sort of high. Just a few puffs had me ready to mow the lawn, vacuum the house and tidy up the garage. After those chores were finished, however, I took a two-hour nap.

Fwaygo Extracts — 

London Pound Cake Vape Cartridge

Price — $40/1g

THC — 80%

Fwaygo prides itself in producing vaporizer cartridges made entirely from full-spectrum cannabis oil with no artificial additives or Vitamin E acetate, which is known to cause health problems. And that’s great, because I mindlessly sucked down at least 20 hits of this indica-dominant strain after dinner on Sunday and fell asleep at about 9 p.m. Couchlock was an understatement. 

I tried this cartridge on four different pens; vapor production was sort of weak. The mildly lemony flavor makes the name sort of obvious, but this cartridge also carried some fruity and creamy notes. Overall, it was a tasty pick and among the more affordable options in the Fwaygo lineup.

Kyle Kaminski is a City Pulse staff writer and cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Every week, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them.

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