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Heritage Hall 


Heritage Hall is the long-awaited addition to the Capitol that is the result of over three years of construction, during which the area was largely inaccessible and surrounded by chain-link fence. Now, the Capitol lawns are once again green and lush, and the new entrance is open to the public. And it is quite an entrance.  

Large, translucent panels line three sides of the entryway, set at an angle toward the entrance to draw people in. The light blue panels contrast the otherwise sand-colored structure, but their real effect is felt only once you are all the way underneath their filtered sunlight cover. There, you are subject to one of the coolest architectural experiences you can get in the Lansing area, a feeling of openness and illustriousness that is certainly worthy of our Michigan Capitol Building.  

A new main entrance has been a significant need ever since the beautiful main doors at the front of the building were permanently closed for security purposes. The new entrance is a major upgrade from the obscure side door previously used, and it is much better equipped to handle school busloads of children on a Capitol field trip.  

Some of the interior is still under construction, but the entrance is open for Capitol tours, self-guided or with a tour guide. It is worth a trip.  

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