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In this week's issue, you will find our annual donation envelope. If you can, we at City Pulse hope you will show your support with a gift in any amount. 

Each week, we strive to do our best to bring you an informative and entertaining newspaper. We do it on a tight budget and with a small staff. As you can see on Page 4, only a handful of people work full time to produce a weekly paper and a daily website, with the vital support of freelance writers and delivery drivers who brave inclement weather to be sure you can find a paper at our more than 300 locations. 

Like everywhere, our costs have risen as a result of supply chain issues. The cost of newsprint has risen dramatically this year. After salaries, paper is the biggest expense. Moreover, we have increased what we pay freelancers and also drivers to offset the cost of gas. 

City Pulse is in our 22nd year, and we are pleased that we have grown from a scruffy publication that got by week to week to one that can provide more pages and more content that help to fill the increasing need for local news as the daily paper – which has just been hit with another round of layoffs – unfortunately continues to decline. Yor support truly makes a difference, so I hope you will contribute in any amount. You can use the envelope for checks or you can call (517) 999-6704 and contribute by credit card. 

City Pulse is free, both in print and online. Your support helps make that possible. 

Thank you and happy holidays. 

Berl Schwartz
Editor and publisher       


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