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Keep local control


Mayor Schor’s comments in “To Airbnb, or not to Airbnb” (Jan. 10) hit home for me as a rural dweller. Here is the mayor of Lansing concerned about losing local control.

My concern? The governor has already signed a bill that takes local control away from Michigan rural areas for wind and solar project development. The wind and solar legislation was also “pushed” by industries.

As a resident in a rural area, I am disgusted that the governor is making this happen. The rules read that rural areas either follow the lax wind and solar limitations as created by the state of Michigan or our local control is forfeited and the state takes over. That sure sounds like the ultimate “my way or the highway” mentality. Oh, and oops, it seems many people are taking the highway, and then the governor wonders why Michigan is lacking workers.

Whereas I am sympathetic to Schor’s concern, I am sad that this type of action is happening on multiple fronts. There is a precedent being set. It is not good for Michigan rural residents or Michigan city residents. Big money has too much power in politics, much to the detriment of regular citizens. Schor says in your article, “The community should have that ability to protect residents.” We rural citizens feel the same way. Do not take local control away from us, any of us. We know our local areas better than any officials in an office far away. One size rule does not fit all of Michigan.

Dennis Strahle


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