Looking for any signs of human life at big insurance companies


At Mid-Michigan Insurance Group, we will never greet you with the phrase “Thank you for calling Mid-Michigan Insurance Group. We appreciate your patience. You are now 65th in line to the nearest representative.” You will also never get tinny elevator music or C grade classic rock blaring in the background on hold. We will treat you like a human being even if you are an alien parasite masquerading in human flesh from the star system Zircon 84 who needs help with a fender bender on Jolly Road.

We got your back when you call. Now we challenge you, dear reader, to call your insurance company and ask for your insurance agent. By the time an agent answers the phone, we would’ve already helped our interstellar traveler make it home light years away. Whether it is a question on insurance in general or our rates, call today for human contact. Our agents are ready to assist you.    

Mid-Michigan Insurance Group, Inc.

4112 S. Cedar St., Lansing

(517) 664-9600


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