Team work makes the dream work


I have the pure joy of working with someone full time on my staff who just celebrated her 97th birthday. Full time and three years shy of a century. In fact, she often arrives unannounced on her day off to cover for somebody on vacation or gone for medical reasons. She has been suggesting over the last year or so that she really thinks she should quit because, “I’m just not any use to you anymore.”

She recently took some vacation time to visit her son in Idaho where he lives in a cabin in the mountains along the Coeur d’Alene River. Every day she was gone, I looked over at her empty chair and desk a multitude of times thinking about the dozens of things I would be asking her to do.  Her response is always, “I’m on it, chief,” “You’ve got it, chief,” or “How soon do you need it, chief?”

All too often we begin to judge ourselves based upon our many limitations. We seem to forget the numerous and important contributions we are constantly providing. That’s why we are always at our best as a team.

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