Nose! Face! Spite!


It’s right up there with Crunchy v. Creamy and Hufflepuff v. Jigglypuff: Saving money v. Adequate coverage. Auto insurance, as you might have noticed is (figuratively) criminally expensive in Michigan. Yes, you should do what you can to save money (food, rent, books, need your money, too) but please, understand, nasty things can happen if you are Pennywise and not a fan of Stephen King!

Never exclude the following coverage:

Mini-Tort: it’s inexpensive and if you cause an accident, the other party (under many circumstances) can sue you for up to $1,000. Mini-tort will pay for it.

Never go low on the following coverages:

Personal Liability: 20/40 is the least you can buy. Buying higher limits (100/300) will cost a bit more, but will protect you if you hurt someone in an accident (20/40 will only pay $20,000 if you injure someone, $40,000 if you hurt more than one person).

Uninsured and Underinsured motorist: These coverages will protect you if the OTHER person is at fault and you try to sue them AND they either have way too low (20/40) or no personal liability coverages.

Finally… TALK TO YOUR AGENT! They work for you (unless they’re crummy agents).

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