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My ‘Glorious’ weekend


Consistency. Quality. Passion. That’s what Glorious Cannabis shoots for with everything it produces. Located in Rochester Hills, the company specializes in flower-infused pre-rolls, never using any trim or shake.  

Another impressive offering here: they hand roll their joints and infuse them with ice water Bubble Hash. And, as Eva Osipyants of Glorious proudly states, their Bubble Hash “is what started it all.”   

But their website is worth visiting to get the bigger picture because it’s stacked with photos and descriptions of various strains, live rosin, pre-rolls and merchandise. For their flower, they skipped celebrity endorsements and partnered with award-winning Kerry Arold and his Superior brand. Arold has earned a cult-like following thanks to his in-depth research, passion and accuracy — all of which benefit patients, caregivers and operators. This partnership with Glorious introduces exclusive strains and consistency in quality and care.   

“We don’t cut corners,” Osipyants said. “We stay consistent, and we have a kick-ass staff. Without the people, the quality would suffer.” 

An August press release introduced fresh and innovative products like the Tarantula Pre-Rolls, Pure THC Diamond Pre-rolls and Moonrocks. It also unveiled seven inviting strains, available locally at Pure Options and Jars. The Mezcal strain is “the truth,” according to the fellas at Dispo (formerly First Class), who also host the Glorious brand.  

City Pulse caught up with Pete Truby, vice president of marketing at Glorious Cannabis, and asked him five burning questions. Here’s what he had to say. 


High 5 Questions:                     

Pete Truby, Glorious Cannabis 

What made you get into the Cannabis Industry? 

Pete Truby: It’s a very interesting time with the boom in the cannabis industry, so we felt the people and product quality deserve better. And from what we saw, we decided to bring back that quality and pride in what we do. 

Can you explain “infused”? Is it extra THC?  

Regular flower, in THC, ranges 15-to-30%, so infused means “giving more punch.” Enhancing the flower is the infusion.

Superior is your licensing partner; how did that come about? 

Easy decision. With Kerry (Arold), he truly understands and is committed to the caregiver market, and we appreciated how Superior continues to go above and beyond the norm for innovative, consistent care. 

In this ever-changing and developing industry, what’s next for Glorious Cannabis? 

We see Glorious expanding beyond Michigan, taking this to different states while establishing Glorious as the go-to brand for quality flower, pre-rolls and all-around great smoke.  

Have any other exciting releases in the works? 

Yes! In the fall, we are excited to release our college-themed pre-rolls- the U-of-M “Go Blueberry” and MSU “Melon Haze” strains — while we keep serving quality and consistency, loving what we do. 

 The Smoke Session  

Quick hits with Deon Gladney 

Super Silver Haze .5G Pre-Roll  

4/5 Stars

- Genetics: Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze   

- Looks: Pre-roll was nice and tightly packed 

- First pull taste: Menthol, pine undertones  

- Unique terpenes: Energetic, clear-headed Sativa high 

- Note: It had me alert while enjoying the Detroit Lions preseason game. The defense looks great.  


Simpler Daze Blackberry Moonrocks  

3/5 Stars

- Looks: Classic Swisher Sweet. I suggest Raw Cones 

- First pull taste: All blackberry 

- Unique terpenes: Energetic (sativa) 

- Slow burn, no mess! It's the fourth quarter, and the Lions just scored! Man, this Tim Boyle guy competes … Lions win! Take that, Indianapolis.  


Devil Driver (2) .5G Pre-Roll 

5/5 Stars

- Genetics: Sundae Driver x Melonade 

- Looks: Pre-roll is nice and tightly packed 

- First pull taste: Citrus taste, smooth  

- Unique Terpenes: Soothing and relaxing, pain relief, Energy 

- Note: It knocked me out cold … 


4th Review: The Neighbor Smokes Simpler Daze Blackberry Moonrocks 

4/5 Stars

- Consumed in RAW Rolling Papers 

- First Pull Taste: “I like it. Prominent blackberry taste.” 

- Unique Terpenes: “Gave me energy. I’m going to throw some meat on the grill!” 

- I also saved the second pre-roll of Super Silver Haze for Monday in remembrance of my time with Glorious Cannabis. What a Glorious weekend! 

(Deon Gladney is a Lansing native, Everett grad and a deejay at 96.5 WQHH in Lansing.)

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