Lansterdam in review: Oozex disposable vapes

Ooze-ing with success


Ooze, the Detroit-based company behind some of the bestselling vape batteries on the market, strives to create products that are fun, functional and affordable. Since the business’ inception in 2015, owners Vincent Ayar, Gjergj Sinishtaj and brothers Danny and Steve Hannawa have aimed to create innovative vaporizers and other smoking accessories that are built to last.

“When Ooze was first founded, most vape batteries on the market were cheap, unbranded devices found in gas stations and smoke shops,” Danny Hannawa said. “Our original goal was to establish a brand that customers could trust for their vape pens.” 

In April 2015, Ooze launched its first vape battery, the Slim Twist. Its design was revolutionary at the time: Users could change out vape cartridges whenever they wanted and adjust the battery’s voltage with a simple twist. The Slim Twist has become one of Ooze’s bestselling products because of its easy-to-use design and discreet portability. 

With the success of the Slim Twist, the company was able to expand its 2,000-square-foot warehouse to a 42,000-square-foot facility with a built-in showroom and a staff of more than 50 people, mainly Michigan natives. 

Earlier this month, Ooze launched a new vaporizer line featuring its patented ceramic-core technology. A ceramic core, otherwise known as a “c-core,” is a mechanism in the vaporizer that allows cannabis, regardless of its form, to heat faster and taste better. This is achieved through a combination of conduction, convection and infrared energy, which help burn the cannabis evenly and create a 100% heavy-metal-free vaping experience.

The C-Core line is Ooze’s “biggest release in years,” marketing director Tristan Blackett said in a press release. “The technology in these devices is light-years ahead of many of our competitors’ products that are more expensive. We’re thrilled to offer these clean, innovative products at an affordable price.” 

The line includes three different devices: the Booster, Electro Barrel and Beacon, as well as a dry herb vaporizer, the Verge.

In addition to high-tech gadgets, Ooze is also known for its fun and colorful bongs and dab rigs. Many of its products are made of silicone because it’s easy to clean and protects glass components from breaking. One of the company’s most popular silicone pieces, the Steamboat, looks like a submarine and can be used as both a bong and a dab rig. The Steamboat is composed of a silicone body piece and several glass accessories that keep smoke tasting clean and pure. It’s available in multiple colors, including Classic Yellow, Flamingo, Aqua Teal and Slime Green. 

OozeX disposable vapes

When Ooze first launched, its focus was solely on the technology and accessory side of the cannabis industry. During summer 2022, however, the company finally entered the world of THC-distillate vaporizers under the name OozeX. Its most recent release is a line of 1-gram THC-distillate disposable vapes with natural terpenes. 

OozeX’s disposable vapes are tiny. They hold a full gram of distillate, but they’re some of the smallest I’ve ever seen. This smaller battery size is a huge bonus for people who prefer to vape discretely but want something that still contains between 80 and 90% THC. The single-gram disposables are available in six fruity flavors: Banana Taffy, Blueberry Rock Pops, Grape Smacks, Green Apple Taffy, Orange Burst and Raspberry Cotton Candy. 

Unlike its single-gram cartridges, OozeX’s disposables aren’t strain-specific. They all feel more like a hybrid, which makes them great to use at any time of the day. After a couple of puffs, I felt chilled out and relaxed. I try to minimize how often I buy disposables, since throwing away batteries isn’t great for the planet in the long run, I’m sure, but I will definitely keep these on my list for when I need a quick and convenient smoke. 

If you’re a fan of sweet and flavorful disposables, consider heading over to Bazonzoes or JARS in south Lansing to try out OozeX’s.


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