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Our communities deserve better business partners


In response to the article “General Motors seeks to build $2.5  billion battery plant in Lansing”: 

Why are our elected and appointed representatives committing our money (Lansing, Ingham County, State of Michigan) to subsidizing GM to build a plant in rural Delta Township when they own hundreds of acres in Lansing? There are multiple GM-owned properties with water, sewer, roads and rail, including bus lines. This used to be a preferred method of plant location for GM. For example, look at Plant II — the houses and businesses that included, schools, restaurants, and bars that built up in the area when the plant was active. Many of those businesses have closed over the years and the vitality of the community has been lost. 

Instead of offering to PAY GM to come to Delta Township, we should be asking GM what are you going to bring to us to compensate for the destruction and revitalization you have abandoned. 

Look at other communities like Lansing, Flint and Saginaw where they are not only dealing with the destruction of contaminates in the ground but the communities they have left behind. 

Our future communities deserve better representation and businesses that are good citizens not just ones that are here for the tax breaks. 

John Reich
Bath Township

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