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Reviewing Ascend Wellness’ in-house products


Ascend Wellness Holdings believes that cannabis should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Its goal is to provide a great retail experience, trusted products for every demographic of stoner and exclusive brand partnerships with companies like Lowell Smokes, Flower by Edie Parker, 1906, Wynk and AiroPro, just to name a few. However, this does not mean that you should pass up its in-house brands, Simply Herb, Ozone or Ozone Reserve. AWH’s Ozone brand has something for everyone, from edibles to concentrates. If you’re looking for something to take you into the next orbit, read on!


The Soap 

The Soap is one of my favorite strains, and Ozone’s version is no exception. This Sativa hybrid is a cross of Animal Mints and Kush Mints. These strains are heavy in linalool, the terpene most commonly found in lavender. According to some studies, strains with high amounts of linalool can help aid consumers suffering from anxiety and stress. In addition to the comforting lavender scent, The Soap’s pine notes are pleasant and energizing. If you’re looking for a solid daytime weed without the jitters typically associated with Sativa strains, consider grabbing an eighth of The Soap.


Dosilato live resin concentrate

Another lavender-scented strain, this hybrid is great to dab after a long day at work. Dosilato provides a gentle body high that helps clear the mind of any silliness that may have occurred earlier in the day. Dosilato is the child of Do-Si-Dos, an intensely relaxing Indica-dominant strain, and Gelato 41, a hybrid that is known for its giggly and euphoric effects. The live resin itself is a delicious amber-gold color that resembles the texture of wet sand. In my opinion, it is too wet to add to blunts or bowls, but it is the perfect consistency for nectar collectors and dab rigs. 


SFV OG live resin cartridge 

Live resin cartridges are a great solution for folks that enjoy the convenience of vaping but need something more potent than distillate. This is where Ozone’s live resin cartridges come into the picture: these half-gram cartridges are packed with potent and terpy concentrate. A couple of puffs from one of these bad boys had me absolutely soaring. The folks at Ozone hooked me up with their SFV OG, which is known for its energizing body high, and it was the perfect fuel for shoveling the godforsaken snow off of my porch. 


Blue Dream x Apple Fritter-infused joint

Ozone’s infused joints feature a tasty combination of cannabis flower and distillate. These pre-rolls are packed well and smoke even better (a rare find nowadays). This particular combo, Blue Dream and Apple Fritter, provides a nice head buzz. I felt calm but was still able to center myself, strategize and dominate at Magic the Gathering and other tabletop games that I played with friends while sharing this tasty toke.

Ozone Green Apple gummies,
100 milligrams

There are not nearly enough green apple-flavored edibles on the market. Thankfully, Ozone has my back with its sweet and chewy gummy cubes. Each tin contains 10 sugar-coated 10-milligram pieces, about 100 milligrams per tin, and comes in four different flavors: the aforementioned green apple, passion fruit, blood orange and strawberry. All of the gummies are vegan, gluten-free and naturally flavored using actual fruit. I typically eat edibles as a sleep aid, but I was so excited about these green apple gummies that I ate two in the middle of the day. Not only were they tasty, the body high was relaxing but not couch-lock-inducing. 

If you’re interested in picking up some of the products mentioned in this article or are interested in seeing what else Ozone has to offer, check out Ascend Cannabis at 1415 Michigan Ave. in East Lansing. Shop hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day for in-store and curbside shopping as well as delivery. For a full list of deals and menu options, check them out online at


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