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Pizza delivered from Gopuff


If you’re unfamiliar with Gopuff, the first thing to note about it is that it has absolutely nothing to do with marijuana. Like seemingly every single one of my friends, I too had that misconception. Disappointing, I know. It’s actually a delivery service that specializes in products that you would find at your garden-variety convenience store — snacks like potato chips ands bottles of soda. 

New to this delivery service is Gopuff’s very own pizza. When I first discovered this, I was skeptical. How good could a delivery service app be at cooking its own pizza? Why not just order pizza from anywhere else? Well, there are two main perks: it’s very cheap and it’s delivered very fast. There’s the old adage that something is either cheap, good or fast — but it can never be all three. Somehow, Gopuff pizza manages to prove that usually infallible saying wrong. 

The crust is nice and fluffy, while the cheese is hot and gooey with a nice consistency. And if you order more toppings instead of just going with a plain cheese pizza, you’ll find that those are nicely prepared as well. 

For under $10, this is definitely a total steal. I won’t say you should expect something that’s out of this world incredible, but it’s certainly a step above frozen pizza and is absolutely at least as good as Little Caesars. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and satisfying to be brought straight to your doorstep, give it a shot.  

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