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Things are about to get a whole lot skunkier. Two weeks ago, the Michigan-based cannabis companies Skunk House Genetics and ProGro launched a new line of products that includes two flower strains and multiple 1-gram live resin cartridges.

Skunkmasterflex, Skunk House Genetics’ founder, first started growing medical-use cannabis in Michigan back in 2005. A fan of classic cannabis strains like OG Kush and Larry OG, he realized these original, funky strains weren’t often available in seed form in Michigan’s market. In 2016, he asked a longtime friend, Respect of California Seed Bank, to join him on his journey of creating potent, high-yielding cannabis strains with unique terpene profiles under the name Skunk House. Since then, the company’s spicy and savory Burger strains have become staples in the stash jars of many stoners in the Mitten state and beyond.

Lansing-area stoners can head over to any Pure Options location and try out the new line of products for themselves. Folks outside Lansing can check out Weedmaps to find other retailers carrying this collaboration.

Modified Banana | 31.4% THC | $40/3.5g (live resin disposable vape $40/g) at Pure Options

Modified Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s created by crossing Banana OG and GMO, which stands for Garlic, Mushroom and Onion, the main flavor profiles found in the strain. Modified Banana is sweet and fruity with a hint of pepper. If you’re searching for a strain that will put you in a deep couch lock, look no further.

TKO | 29.16% THC | $40/3.5g (live resin disposable vape $40/g) at Pure Options

Lucas Henkel/City Pulse
The product drop includes four live resin disposable vapes, which feature an ergonomic design that fits the curvature of the user’s hand.
Lucas Henkel/City Pulse The product drop includes four live resin disposable vapes, which feature an ergonomic design that fits the curvature of …
A combination of GMO and Triangle Kush, Skunk House and ProGro’s TKO has the ability to calm the consumer and ease pain and tension. Although it’s labeled as a hybrid, TKO will definitely knock you out — a great option for folks looking for restful sleep despite the sound of post-Fourth of July fireworks.

Han Solo Burger live resin disposable vape | 85.56% THC | 5.45% terpenes | $40/g at Pure Options

Han Solo Burger is one of Skunk House’s most iconic strains — and for good reason. After one puff, I felt a wave of calm wash over my body, starting at my head and finishing at my toes.

This is an indica-dominant strain that’s created by crossing GMO Cookies and Larry OG. The result is a sweet, earthy resin that will make you as stoned as the carbonite the original Han Solo got trapped in.

The vapes themselves look like they came out of a “Star Wars” movie, too. In lieu of the typical cylindrical body, these disposables feature an ergonomic design that fits the curvature of the user’s hand. Each 1-gram tank contains a ceramic coil that helps create an evenly distributed, tasty hit. The battery is also rechargeable, which is great for stoners who are traversing through the galaxy.

Cherry Burger live resin disposable vape | 83.67% THC | 6.5% terpenes | $40/g at Pure Options

A cross between Cherry Burst and Han Solo Burger, Cherry Burger is a hybrid strain that tastes like cherry pie with a hint of diesel. Its sweet taste is mellowed out by the earthy, peppery flavors of its Han Solo Burger parent. Myrcene is the most dominant terpene found in Cherry Burger, which may explain why this strain is so effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Lucas Henkel (he/him) is a columnist and advertising assistant for City Pulse. He is a cannabis enthusiast and advocate that has worked in the cannabis industry since 2019. When he’s not reviewing weed from across the state of Michigan (and beyond), he lives in Lansing with his wife and three cats. Have a suggestion for a cannabis product or brand to review? Want to shout out your favorite budtender? Email



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