Public Art of the Week


East Lansing Public Library

950 Abbot Road

Local libraries have become an oasis for public art. Case in point: East Lansing Public Library recently installed six banners on the façade of its building. The banners were created by local muralist Dustin Hunt, who has designed and installed numerous pieces of public art across Mid-Michigan.

The banners mix art with inspirational quotes from historical figures, such as Emma Goldman: “The demand for equal rights in every vocation is just and fair”; and Langston Hughes: “Hold Fast to Your Dreams-For If Dreams Die-Life is a Broken Winged Bird-That Can Not Fly.”

Hunt, the founder of Muralmatics in Lansing, has many murals in the area, including a large one at the downtown Lansing branch of Capital Area District Library.

The company’s slogan is, “Muralmatics is committed to beautifying the world one wall at a time.”



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