Quiet opening, loud products at new north Lansing dispensary

Lansing’s newest pot shop sells chocolates and candy-inspired weed


Stoners across Lansing, rejoice. We have another new pot shop in the Capital City — and that means that an even wider selection of recreational and medical cannabis products are in town.

First Class Cannabis Co. quietly opened its doors at the southeast corner of N. Grand River Avenue and N. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on March 5. Without much advertising or marketing fanfare, staff there are relying largely on top-notch customer service, word-of-mouth reviews and an expansive product selection.

Plus, first-time customers can choose from a wide selection of pre-rolled joints for only a penny.

“We don’t necessarily specialize in any particular products. What really sets us apart is having a very knowledgeable staff with great customer service skills to help people find the products that are best for them,” explained Anthony Morales-Doxtader, store manager.

The Lansing shop is the company’s only location — for now. Daily specials on ounces run from 4:20-7:10 p.m. Shop in store or check out Weedmaps and first-class.kushcart.us to place an order. And don’t be deterred by the nearby road construction; the parking lot is still navigable.

Root Weaver — Runtz
Price — $60/3.5g
THC content — 19.85%

Runtz is a rare hybrid cross between Zkittlez (one of my favorites) and Gelato, which is probably the most commercially available strain in Greater Lansing at the moment. Known for its balanced, euphoric and uplifting effects, it was also named Leafly’s “Strain of the Year” in 2020.

As the candy-inspired name would imply, this strain packs some serious fruity smells and flavors. Dense, dark green buds were caked with a cheese-like layer of yellow pistils and trichomes. The first few hits were shockingly smooth with overwhelming fruit flavors — pear, apple, berries, grapes, maybe a touch of grapefruit too. It’s a fruit basket rolled up in a joint.

After a stressful week, I was sort of hoping the indica-dominant ancestry would shine through here. Instead, I found myself energized, uplifted and puttering around the yard for a few hours. It also turned out to be a great pairing for a bike ride along the Lansing River Trail. Pedal safely.

Magic Edibles — White Chocolate
Price — $20/36 pieces
THC content — 100 mg

There’s something about chocolate that hits differently than other edibles. Maybe it’s the extra fatty content helping streamline the THC straight into my bloodstream. Maybe it’s because recent studies show that cannabis-infused chocolate could actually be more potent than labeled.

Either way, white chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate. (Yeah, I know: It’s not really chocolate.) And this tasty snack had me stuck in another dimension during my weekly trip to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon. I’d highly recommend splitting this bar with a friend or risk spending $300 on junk food at Sam’s Club.

Don’t worry everyone; I didn’t drive to the store. I also made it out without causing a scene.

Kiva Confections — Espresso Beans
Price — $20/20 pieces
THC content — 100 mg

I’m always searching for unique products. And like the white chocolate, I haven’t seen chocolate-covered espresso beans on any recreational menus at other dispensaries in Lansing.

A small can of 20 beans offered an easy (and portable) way to slow dose throughout the day. And because they’re real espresso beans, there’s also a noticeable kick of energy to accompany the high. Consider these the perfect snack for a hike through the woods.

Or skip your coffee, pop a few on the morning commute and enjoy a semi-coherent work day.

Kyle Kaminski is City Pulse’ managing editor and a cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Almost weekly, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them.


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