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Reviewing Pure Options’ newest drop


Deep East Oakland Farms, otherwise known as DEO, is a cannabis breeder based out of Oakland, California. DEO has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a handmade, 10-by-10-foot grow room more than a decade ago. It is now one of the hottest cannabis breeders on the market. Collaborations with California heavyweights like Doja Pack and Wizard Trees have allowed DEO to create terpy, quality cannabis. Now, Michigan smokers can get their hands on some of DEO’s sought-after strains thanks to its recent collaboration with Lansing’s own Pure Options/ProGro. I was more than eager to scoop up these new strains for myself, and they did not disappoint. 

Zoap | Sativa hybrid | Deep East x ProGro 

I have had Zoap from other cannabis breeders and growers, but I would love the opportunity to bathe in Deep East’s version. Each nug is dense and covered in gorgeous orange pistils (or “hairs,” as they have been fondly called). Deep East’s Zoap is created by crossing Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava Pheno #21. A “pheno,” or phenotype, is the summary of all of the features you can detect on the outside of a cannabis plant, including color, smell and taste. After multiple harvests and growing cycles, experienced cannabis breeders can isolate those features and eventually grow the best version of that strain. In short, hard work pays off and smokes even better. Zoap smells like a fresh bar of homemade soap: slightly spicy, but overall very sweet. It creates a lovely head high that made me feel focused but not jittery.  

Jelly Roll | Indica | Deep East x ProGro 

Switching gears from the energizing Zoap, Deep East’s Jelly Roll is a sweet, slightly Indica-leaning strain. Jelly Roll is created by crossing Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava Pheno #19, which results in a fabulously dark-purple bud that smells like grapes. Folks who have trouble with sleep will appreciate the long-lasting body high associated with this strain. I smoked a bowl of Jelly Roll before bed and it made me feel extra cozy. Any strain that can help me sleep through the night while my three cats plan my demise is a strain I like to keep in rotation.  

123 | hybrid | Avant x ProGro 

Avant is the brainchild of Deep East, multimedia artist Joey Colombo and LA-based cannabis cultivator and breeder Wizard Trees. I’m a huge fan of the artwork featured on each bag from this drop, but 123’s art really caught my eye, so I had to do some research on Colombo. The artist uses paper currency from countries all over the world to create intricate collages. His goal is to take an object we hold treasurable (money) and transform it into an object of art. To quote his online artist statement, “I am both reducing its inherent and practical purposes and empowering a secondary significance and value.” After I got done drooling over Colombo’s artwork, I cracked open the bag and was greeted by the scent of sweet citrus. 123 is a hybrid cross of Sherb BX1 and RS11, a Deep East original that has become a hit amongst folks in California. Fans of cake and gelato strains will not be disappointed by 123. 

ProGro fan favorites 

The newest drop from Pure Options is super exciting and definitely worth checking out. While you're visiting one of its four Lansing locations, consider grabbing some ProGro classics as well: 

Lunar Lemon | Sativa hybrid | Pure Options/ProGro 

Voted “Best Sativa Flower” in this year’s Top of the Town competition, Lunar Lemon is a citrusy-sweet Sativa hybrid that is produced by crossing Lemon Peel and male Moonbow plants. Limonene, the terpene found commonly in fruits like lemons and oranges, is very present in this strain. Some studies have shown that consuming limonene-heavy strains, like Lunar Lemon, can increase serotonin and dopamine levels in areas of the brain that are associated with anxiety, depression and OCD. Truly a strain that can keep your spirits bright this winter.  

Wedding Cake | hybrid | Pure Options/ProGro 

Wedding Cake is an earthy-yet-sweet hybrid strain that is produced by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It almost tastes like a creamy vanilla frosting and provides a physically relaxing body buzz. While relaxing, it isn’t sedating — Wedding Cake makes you feel euphoric and creative. Between its sweet scent and the equally tasty high, this strain is a great choice to enjoy while baking your next batch of holiday cookies.  


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