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Rich, buttery, intensely flavorful

Lucky’s filet mignon is a must


I’m not exactly sure how Lucky’s Steakhouse in Okemos has managed to escape my culinary radar over the last four years, but I’m sure glad that a random pitstop at a neighboring 7-Eleven drew me in last Friday: I’m now convinced they serve the best filet mignon in Greater Lansing. 

Before I continue, I must note: Bowdie’s Chophouse and Capital Prime are simply a cut above. But their filet is also quite a bit more expensive and that factors into my overall rating system. 

This Michigan-based chain launched in 1998 and now operates in seven locations, the Greater Lansing restaurant at 3554 Okemos Road being the sixth, opening in late 2018. Owner Lucky Vasilakis told the Lansing State Journal that he decided to set up shop there because Lansing needed a “good steakhouse.” He was right. And he still is. Lucky’s is technically in Okemos. 

The restaurant bills itself for “big portions and affordable prices,” and lives up to its name. Two melt-in-your-mouth filets (four ounces each) topped with four crispy shrimp, drizzled in lemon butter sauce and served with a house salad and an enormous baked potato were only $24.99. A massive chunk of fresh-baked bread is served at every table at the start.  

To kick off my meal, I ordered a plate of the “steak-cut” calamari, which turned out to be some sincerely thick, french-fry-sized slices of flash-fried squid, served in a gooey pool of butter sauce with capers and an oversized dollop of roasted red peppers. Crisp (without too much batter), tender and lightly seasoned, the sheer thickness added a nice twist to the calamari experience.  

I ordered my steak medium, and — shocker — it actually came out medium: pink throughout most of the steak, with no red center. Rich. Buttery. Not overwhelmingly seasoned, but intensely flavorful. And the lemon sauce took the juicy tenderness to a whole new level. My date ordered the same dish, and actually opined that the meat may be too tender. I say there’s no such thing. 

The crispy fried shrimp were meaty and creamy, but it’s labeled as scampi on the menu. And that’s just not my idea of shrimp scampi. Still, these were definitely some delicious fried shrimp. 

I saved my crisp, yet puffy and fluffy baked potato (served with plenty of butter and sour cream) for last because I didn’t want to miss a single bite of my filet mignon. That was a good choice because I could hardly make it through four bites before my stomach hit a wall. I was stuffed. 

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