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Seven incredible edibles

From pretzels to ‘Pot Rocks,’ Michigan levels up


Michigan’s edible market has always been top-shelf. If you can dream it, some Michigander has probably found a way to infuse it with cannabis. (Thank you, by the way.)  

In August, Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency gave the green light to allow edible cannabis products to contain up to 200 mg of THC per package for adults 21 and older. Since then, a flood of edibles has entered the market. From pretzels to candy, brands have been pushing the envelope to create new goodies or more potent versions of fan favorites.  

So, what do I recommend? In no particular order, here’s a quick cheat sheet of seven incredible edibles: 

Lions Labs Potdots: Chocolate Candies 

Starting “low and slow” is the best advice you can give to any stoner. Lion Labs, located here in Lansing, has taken that concept a step farther with its new product, Potdots. These little sugar-shelled milk chocolate candies are the perfect way to find the proper dosage for you. Each Potdot contains 1 mg of THC, making it microdosable and customizable to each individual. No more worrying about if the edible will get you too lit in front of your parents.  

Banned Cookie Creampies: Baked Good 

If I only had a dollar for every trip to Quality Dairy for a snack after a smoke sesh, I could probably pay my rent. The folks at Banned must also have that same issue — hence why they created their infused Cookie Creampies. Featuring flavors like oatmeal, chocolate chip and birthday cake, these delicacies taste as sweet as a Little Debbie. Banned offers these in both 100 mg and 200 mg options.  

Detroit Edibles THC Fudge: Chocolate Baked Good 

Michigan is a state known for its incredible homemade fudge, and the Detroit THC Fudge from Detroit Edibles owns this legacy. Their decadent chocolate square is probably the best fudge I’ve ever had. It melts in your mouth and provides one of the most euphoric body highs I’ve ever had after an edible. My wife and I were laughing over nothing after splitting the 100 mg fudge, so you know I’m also going to stock up on their new 200 mg option.  

MotorCity Cannabites Pretzels: Savory Snack 

The return of fall also means the return of football. No game day is complete without a bag of pretzels, and MotorCity Cannabites is taking tailgating to the next level with its new line of infused pretzel sticks. Each stick is about 2 inches and contains 2.5 mg of THC. Overall, each bag contains 100 mg. These things taste so good that I almost ate the whole bag myself. (The MSU vs OSU game is a little hazy, but probably for the best.) I enjoyed the garlic parmesan pretzels, but I plan to explore some other flavors soon, such as Honey Mustard and Hot Sauce. 

MKX Xnuts: Savory Snack 

While on the topic of savory snacks, let’s talk mixed nuts. It’s an edible I would’ve never thought could be infused. Thankfully, the brains at MKX got toasted and came out with their new line of Xnuts, cinnamon-toasted almonds, cashews and peanuts. Each nut contains 5 mg of THC, with 20 nuts per package, making it another excellent microdose option.  

Errlking Pot Rocks: Candy 

Adding to the list of “Things I Never Thought You Could Put Weed In” is Pot Rocks. Inspired by the popping candy of yesteryear, Pot Rocks makes you feel nostalgic and high. What’s cool about this is that by sucking on the candy, consumers absorb the THC through the soft tissue in the mouth. When absorbed sublingually like this, the THC hits your bloodstream faster than eating and digesting a typical edible. Pot Rocks are available in blueberry, cherry and green apple flavors and come in two dosages: 25 mg packs and 100 mg packs.  

Chill Medicated Syrup: Beverage  

Infused syrups have become another fun alternative in the edible category. Chill Medicated has created an impressive line of medicated syrups. Folks can either use the measuring cap and ingest the syrup by itself or combine it with water, soda or another beverage. Flavor options are strawberry, grape and cherry, and they come in 100 mg and 200 mg bottles.  

These are only a handful of options of what’s available in Lansing dispensaries right now. With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab some infused treats and enjoy another beautiful fall in Michigan. 

Note: The local dispensary menus I scoured for this list include: Skymint, Herbana, JARS, Pure Options, Pincanna, Pure Roots, Pure Canna, Cannaisseur and Gage. All products mentioned in this article are available recreationally for adults 21 and over. 


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