State of Michigan. Ingham County Probate Court. Publication of Notice. File No. 18-000348-GA.


In the matter of Sandra Henry. To All Interested Persons: Ruth Davis (sister of Sandra Henry) whose addresses are unknown and whose interest in the matter may be barred or affected by the following: Take Notice*: Mid-Michigan Guardianship Services Inc. has been appointed the guardian of Sandra Henry. Mid-Michigan Guardianship Services Inc. intends to file one or more Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Legally Incapacitated Individuals with the Ingham County Probate Court located at 313 W. Kalamazoo St. Lansing, MI 48933. 6/26/2023 Mid-Michigan Guardianship Services, Inc. 600 W. Maple St. Suite C Lansing, MI 48906 517.372.9853.



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