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Summer menu at Lume includes wide range of dank cannabis products


This week marks the first full year of my weekly Lansterdam in Review column, which kicked off last May with a summertime strain guide. And just like last year, we’re back again with some recommendations — this time from Lume Cannabis Co. — for some top-notch, locally sourced cannabis products that pair just right with some extra free time and a warm, summer afternoon. 

Lume opened its doors as the first recreational provisioning center in Owosso early last year. And while there are plenty of other options for premium-grade bud that are much closer to Lansing, the relaxing, rural drive halfway to Flint was well worth the trip for some unique items.

For the novice smoker ...

Lume — Center Vaporizer Cartridge

Price — $30/0.5g

THC — 39.7%

I’ve been carrying a vape pen in my pocket for more than a year. They’re easy to use, convenient for on-the-go tokes and they help to stop me from blowing through a whole ounce of flower in a week. And while I’ve never minded the smell of a freshly lit joint, I don’t always want to smell like a stoner rock concert before meeting someone for an interview or a trip to Meijer.

So, for the novice smoker, I recommend stocking up on Lume’s own in-house cartridge brand. 

Lume cartridges, unlike those sold by many other retailers, don’t contain any artificial fillers like coconut or vegetable oils. Premium THC distillate and terpene blends are the only ingredients, and they come in at least six, effect-driven varieties: Center, Dream, Unwind, Move, Recover and Focus. I tried the “Center” variety last week, which was an even blend of THC and CBD. 

The flavor was hard to pinpoint, but it carries some major berry notes — blueberry, blackberry and maybe a touch of grape. Six or seven puffs seems to be my sweet spot for a mild head buzz and body high that still allows me to function and stay focused on whatever task is at hand.

An equal mix of CBD and THC is usually my recommendation for those seeking relief from sore muscles or chronic pain who would rather skip on the more mind-numbing, psychoactive effects. 

Bonus: Lume battery packs are automatic. You don’t even need to press a button to puff it.

For the experienced stoner ...

Lume — Live Rosin Jam (Jenny Kush)

Price — $75/1g

THC — 73.6%

Jenny Kush is a definite standout among other strains on the Greater Lansing cannabis market this summer — namely because of its outrageous levels of THC. Lume bills this feel-good hybrid variety as the strongest pot currently available in Michigan with laboratory test results that consistently range between 30-34% THC. The latest harvests spiked at a whopping 36% THC.

While THC content isn’t everything, it certainly is something. And because this bud takes the title for the most potent marijuana I’ve ever got my hands on, I’d recommend it only for experienced stoners who are looking for a little something extra to help take the edge off.

Named after the late cannabis activist Jenny Monson, this bud includes initial earthy floral notes that transform into sweet citrus flavors on the exhale, providing a soothing and uplifting sort of buzz that left my body at ease and my spirits high — literally. But I didn’t stop at just the flower. 

The cannabis wizards at Lume have managed to turn a dank product even danker, turning those freshly frozen whole flower buds into a masterpiece of heat-pressed live rosin jam that clocks in at 74% THC. And after just two dabs, I couldn’t summon the energy to do much of anything besides eat pizza, giggle and head off to bed two hours early. Maybe I watched a movie too?

P.S: Have you found a strain that tests above 36% THC? If so, drop me a line. I want to try it.

For the special occasions ...

Lume — Lightning Roll (Blueberry Crumble)

Price — $50/1g

THC — 79.8%

I wrote about these luxurious joints from Lume in January when they were being sold for $65 each and clocking in at about 45% THC. Over the last five months, the price has dropped $15 and the inclusion of bubble hash in the mix has skyrocketed the test results to nearly 80% THC.

These pricy one-gram joints are truly the trifecta of cannabis concoctions — filled with Blueberry Crumble and multi-strain bubble hash, painted with THC distillate and then rolled in a heavy layer of Blueberry Headband kief. Think of it like smoking five average joints at the same time.

And although the $50 price tag on a single joint still puts this product out of reach for many consumers, it’s easily the best joint I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. If my boss wasn’t floating the tab, I’d still make the splurge for a special occasion. Did someone say birthday joint?

For the outdoor adventure s...

Lume — Focus Gummies

Price — $22/20 pieces

THC — 100 mg

These watermelon-flavored gummies provide the perfect bright and tangy flavor for the summer season. They’re also infused with sativa-dominant terpene blends that offer up a quick kick of energy, perfect for spending the day at the beach or biking along the Lansing River Trail. 

I’m usually not a big fan of distillate-based edible products, but these were an exception — both in flavor and effects. No munchies. No brain fog. Just a dazed euphoria under the summer sun. 

I found 10 gummies to be an excellent pairing for waking up early, jamming out to ‘90s hip-hop and R&B and taking a two-hour ride to a beach near Saugatuck on Saturday afternoon. I ate the rest when I arrived and somehow managed to stay awake for the whole trip back to Lansing. 

For the rainy days ...

Lume — Ice Cream Cake

Price — $40/3.5g

THC — 22.5%

This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. Medium-sized buds were dense, sticky and almost completely purple. A powdery white, crystalline layer of trichomes made for a creamy, cheesy and sherbert-like smell and taste. This strain also carried the flavor profile of a custard long john donut with a mild, gassy, fruity, creamy and vanilla kick.

Simultaneously relaxing and uplifting, this is the perfect strain for kicking back in the air conditioning and playing some video games or binge watching the latest new Netflix series. The cerebral spaciness can also lead to a quick nap — especially if you smoke too much too quickly. 

Kyle Kaminski is City Pulse’ managing editor and a cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Almost weekly, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them. 


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