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2023 High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan winners announced


The votes have been tallied for the 4th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan. More than 90 licensed cannabis brands throughout the Great Lakes State submitted a total of 527 entries to be judged across the competition’s 21 categories. The winners were announced July 10 via a YouTube livestream by hosts Joey Posney, High Times’ director of competitions, and Levi Miller, High Times’ bulk sales manager.

Stoners from all corners of Michigan reviewed the products and cast their votes for the companies they thought should take home the gold. Without further adieu, let’s dive into the winners of the Adult Use (recreational) categories.

Indica Flower: Spritzer by Society C

For the second year in a row, Orion Township-based Society C and its Spritzer strain have snatched the crown in the Adult Use Indica Flower category. A cross of Runtz, Grape Pie and MAC, Spritzer’s gorgeous purple buds made judges feel uplifted and chatty.

“It’s the perfect strain for folks that enjoy MAC and love the taste of old-school skunk. The buds gave off a skunky and grapey aroma that had hints of grapefruit,” one judge said.

Hybrid Flower: Garlic Cocktail by MI Loud Flower Farms

MI Loud Flower Farms’ dedication to clean, flavorful, medical-grade cannabis is evident in this strain. Garlic Cocktail, a cross of GMO and Mimosa, is an indica-dominant hybrid  with buds that are entirely covered in frosty trichomes, making them look almost white. Overall, judges said it’s a solid hybrid with uplifting effects that don’t leave you wanting to take a nap.

Sativa Flower: Blue Skunk by High Level Health

Founded in Colorado, High Level Health is ready to get its 14-time Cannabis Cup-winning products into the hands of Michiganders. Blue Skunk is described as having a pungent cheese flavor and energizing effects. One judge commented that smoking this strain “tasted like eating really good cheese that has a stank that comes back and hits your sinuses.”

Infused Flower and Moonrocks: Han Solo Funk Frosted Buds by Crude Boys

Michigan’s moonrocks are so good that it’s the only state to have a category celebrating this potent product on the Adult Use side of High Times’ competition. (Moonrocks are typically judged on the Medical side of the competition in other states.) Crude Boys took home the win in this inaugural category for its compact and sticky buds with clear crystals the size of pretzel salt.

Infused Pre-Rolls: Lemon Rain 2g infused donut joint by North Coast Flower x Pressure Pack

Combining 2 grams of Rainbow Zkittles flower and half a gram of Gelonade live rosin, these Lemon Rain pre-rolls provide a strong citrus aroma that’s present from the first pull to the last. Judges said this product gave them a pleasant and euphoric head rush, with a calm body high settling in later. Each pre-roll is hand-rolled with a custom glass tip to ensure every hit is as tasty as the last.

Non-Infused Pre-Rolls: Permanent Marker 2g cannon by North Coast Flower x Pressure Pack

Winning both this year’s Non-Infused and Infused Pre-Roll categories is a testament to the craftsmanship of this collaboration between North Coast Flower and Detroit-based Pressure Pack. Permanent Marker is a potent strain that evokes creativity and gives smokers a serious case of the munchies.

Solvent Concentrates: Papaya live resin by Humblebee Products x Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter’s humble beginnings growing in apartment buildings and closets, combined with Humblebee Products’ extraction methods, has created wonderful results. Described as tangy and juicy, this concentrate helps users slow their thoughts and disengage from the stresses of the day.

Non-Solvent Concentrates: Blue Zorbet live rosin by North Coast Flower x Pressure Pack

Yet another win for North Coast Flower and Pressure Pack! According to one judge’s review, “This rosin is seductively sweet with after-tones of mint. This will surely treat you to the five-star experience you deserve after a hard day’s work.”

Distillate Vapes: Unicorn Piss disposable vape by Workers Cannabis

From providing fair and livable wages for its employees to pricing products at or below market price, Workers Cannabis takes its motto, “for the people, by the people,” very seriously. This year is the first time the company has entered the Cannabis Cup, and its Unicorn Piss won judges over with its euphoric body buzz.

Non-Distillate Vapes: Lunar Lemon live resin cartridge by Element Extractions x ProGro

No strangers to the award podium, Element Extractions and ProGro have teamed up to produce some of the highest quality products on the Michigan market. One judge described the taste of this Lunar Lemon live resin cartridge as “funky, lemony candies dancing on (their) tongue, followed by a time-warping haze.”

Solvent Gummies: Blue Lemonade gummies by Afternoon Delite

For three years in a row, Afternoon Delite’s Blue Lemonade gummies have remained at the top of the Solvent Gummies category. Judges enjoyed the taste, texture and effects, saying the edibles are great for sitting on the beach or just relaxing.

Non-Solvent Gummies: Pink Lemonade live rosin gummies by FloraCal Farms

These soft, juicy, hash-infused gummies from FloraCal Farms made the company a standout in another new category in this year’s Cannabis Cup. One judge said, “These have an excellent flavor and potency and are great for pain.”

Non-Gummy Edibles: Churro milk chocolate bar by Kiva

Over the last three years, the chocolatiers at Kiva have taken home 10 Cannabis Cup awards. Its products are so good that many judges described them as the standard for edibles. One judge said, “You need a crowbar to open the packaging, but it’s well worth the fight.”

Topicals, Tinctures, Capsules and Sublinguals: 1:1 CBD:THC transdermal patch by Mary’s Medicinals

Rounding out the Adult Use side of this year’s competition is Mary’s Medicinals with its first Cannabis Cup win. Judges described the woman-owned cannabis brand’s 1:1 transdermal patch as effective and easy to use.

For a full list of runners-up in each of the Adult Use categories as well as the winners of the Medical categories, check out hightimes.com/events.


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