This northside pot shop sells the cheapest weed in Lansing

Newest dispensary in Lansing also offers most affordable products


This weekly column has allowed me an opportunity to sample some of the best recreational cannabis products available in Greater Lansing. And over the last year, I’ve browsed through just about every store in town. That’s why I can say — with some degree of certainty — that First Class Cannabis Co. holds the title for the cheapest selection in the Capital City.

The current mark to beat: Ounces of select strains that sell for as low as $125 for recreational customers and $100 for medical patients, along with a free prerolled joint with new customers. Eighters are available for $15. Wake and bake between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. with bottom-tier grams for $5 each. Buckets of live resin — a massive 3.5g each — are also available for $125.

To be clear, this isn’t a paid advertisement. In fact, I dropped more than $200 there last week. Consider this more of a stoner public service announcement. Let the local bidding wars begin.

LivWell — El Diablo X Chem Dawg #4

Price — $125/oz

THC — 21.2%

This strain is billed as an “indica dominant” hybrid, but I found it to be perfectly balanced. It offers a quick-hitting but short-lasting head buzz and a mild body high — a good daily driver sort of strain that doesn’t provide much of a cerebral energy kick. It won’t knock you out either. 

These bright green nuggets are enormous (yet somehow still light and fluffy) and caked in a golden layer of trichomes. It also twists up perfectly into a joint without totally caking my grinder.

A bright mango and lemon scent burst from the bag. Earthier pine notes become more apparent after it’s ground up — which carries into a smooth hit and a funky sort of grassy cheese flavor. 

All in all, this strain is a good starter option for newbie smokers. It might not be the most powerful bud out there on the market, but it’s incredibly affordable and will get the job done.

HYMAN — Kelly Kapowski

Price — $60/3.5g

THC — 20.2%

Kelly Kapowski, whose name you might recognize from “Saved by the Bell,”o was chief among TV babes in the 1990s and apparently is the namesake for this sweet and sleepy hybrid strain. The folks over at HYMAN (which is pronounced “High Man”) never did get back with me about how they landed on the name, but the gimmicky packaging and nostalgic vibes had me totally sold.

These buds were even bigger than the last strain and carried a tart and earthy smell, almost like freshly cut grass with hints of perfume. The taste was much more floral and woody with notes of sage and chocolate. I ended up smoking this for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday. It was balanced enough to where I still had enough willpower to do the laundry and clean the house, but I still found myself caught up in a blissful (almost dreamlike) state for most of the afternoon. 

HYMAN — Apple Runtz

Price — $40/2g

THC — 18.6%

This massive two-gram joint — which was slightly larger than Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod — is designed for special occasions. And now that social gatherings are resuming, it’s a good time to pick one up. My special occasion was a cup of coffee on my front porch on Sunday morning. 

As the name implies, I picked up some major apple aromas and flavors after I sparked it up. Perhaps my neighbors thought I was baking an apple pie; They’d be at least halfway right. 

The complimentary glass tip attached to the end made this already smooth strain even smoother. A complex sort of musky, loamy sweetness became more apparent on the exhale. 

This strain was easily the most potent of the three. An immediate and energetic head buzz was perfect for getting the lawn mowed quickly. As that subsided, a lasting (and much more relaxing) body high was great for taking a post-mow shower and locking into a long movie on the couch. 

Side note: HYMAN is produced by 3843 Euclid LLC — the same Bay City processor that was dinged by state officials last year after its staff had reportedly licked a joint before it was sold to a retailer. The company’s newly rebranded labels on this joint proudly declared: “No saliva.”

Kyle Kaminski is City Pulse’s managing editor and a cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Almost weekly, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them. 


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