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RAW rolling papers makes a statement


HBI International, the parent company of RAW rolling papers, was ordered by a federal court in Illinois to stop branding RAW packaging with stamps that claim the products are made in Alcoy, Spain, and to stop advertising its charity, which the court found doesn’t exist, despite the company’s claims that it has donated “millions of dollars” in the past.

HBI and RAW founder Josh Kesselman posted screenshots on his Instagram of RAW’s first statement since the court order. The caption said, “RAW’s $1 mill court award explained to quell false rumors. We plan on donating it to charity.” 

In its statement, the company addressed the “hurtful and inaccurate rumors floating around out there” and said it “deeply regrets” any uncertainty it has created for its supporters. RAW said its rolling papers are made in paper mills in southern France before being sent to a small village in southeastern Spain, about a 12-minute drive from Alcoy, to be turned into booklets. The company also said its papers “are indeed made with true, unbleached, certified organic hemp.”

The company stated it has donated more than $2.5 million in direct cash contributions over the last decade and $186,174 worth of in-kind contributions. But RAW Giving, according to the statement, is not a charity. 

“Charities raise money by requesting donations, RAW does not,” the statement reads. RAW says it gives portions of its profits to nonprofits and other causes that align with its values. 

You can read the statement in full at or on the company’s Instagram.


Sensi Magazine Mardi Gras party

Sensi Magazine Michigan hosted a Mardi Gras party at the Causeway Bay Lansing Hotel & Convention Center. It was sponsored by Carbon by Fluresh, co-produced by Farechild Events and featured live music, DJs and free gifts from some of the hottest cannabis brands in Michigan. All proceeds from the event went to Great Lakes Expungement Network.

Sensi Magazine’s parent company, Sensi Media, is one of the fastest-growing media enterprises in North America. The cannabis-lifestyle-focused magazine’s goal is to help create community events and connect people in the industry. Sensi Magazine has won multiple awards, including being named one of Forbes’ Best Startup Employers in 2020. Stephanie Wilson, its editor in chief and co-founder, was Folio’s Top Women in Media honoree in 2020. The magazine has four major markets, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan and Oklahoma, and is available in print and online at


Breeze Canna disposable vapes 

Since hitting the market last summer, Breeze Canna disposable vapes have taken Michigan by storm. Their fruity, terpy taste and discreet packaging have made them a hit amongst stoners young and old. 

Breeze Canna is part of the Breeze Smoke family, but unlike their nicotine-dispensing siblings, these vapes contain 100% THC. They’re available in a variety of fun flavors, like Banana Orange Smoothie, Berry Bomb Pop, Cherry Lemon Mango, Juicy Fruit Punch and my favorite, Watermelon Wave. Each vape contains 1 gram of cannabis distillate and naturally derived terpenes for flavor. In my opinion, all of them feel like a hybrid strain — I’m able to stay focused but definitely feel more relaxed after a few puffs. Cannabis affects everyone differently, though, so check with your favorite budtender to see what they think. 

The vape doesn’t have any buttons or pods — everything is built in and can be activated simply by inhaling. The battery should last until the distillate runs out, but you can charge it with a micro-USB if needed. The convenience of having tasty, consistent cannabis on the go is incredible in itself, but Breeze Canna didn’t stop there. 

This year, the company launched its Liquid Gold line, which combines the convenience of its disposable battery with potent live resin and THC diamonds. Every Liquid Gold vape contains 1 gram of live resin. The current strain lineup is Super Lemon Haze, a citrusy, uplifting sativa; Legend OG, a subtle yet fruity hybrid; and Granddaddy Purple, a berry-forward indica that can help put you to sleep. Each puff is smooth and tastes just like the cannabis flower it’s derived from. 

Breeze Canna is definitely a brand to watch. Its products are convenient, potent and decently priced — its regular and Liquid Gold vapes sell for $25 to $30 depending on the dispensary.  (My go-to spot is Herbana on West Saginaw Street.) Even electronic music producer and Southfield native GRiZ has noticed how amazing its vapes are. The artist’s cannabis brand, Astro Hippie, collaborated with Breeze to create an exclusive flavor, Tropical Rainbow Belts, and I’m definitely keeping my eyes out for it.


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