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(BPT) - There are over 80,000 vitamins and dietary supplements on the market, but not all are created equal. Seventy-four percent of Americans take dietary supplements to improve their quality of … more
(BPT) - From South to North, from West to East, anglers are hitting the water in pursuit of their favorite pastime — fishing. As temperatures start to rise, fish are on the move, and so are the … more
(BPT) - In the ever-changing landscape of urban and suburban living, mixed-use developments have emerged as an example of smart communities. Blending convenience, sustainability, and a vibrant social … more
Next City reports that a New Yorker armed with a TikTok account is trying to open more public bathrooms for everyone. more
Every vehicle built after 1981 has a unique vehicle identification number, or VIN. The location of this string of letters and numbers varies, but it’s located somewhere on every car, SUV, motorcycle and truck – typically on a small metal plate or a sticker. ... more
Hunger is rising nationwide. Link2Feed analyzed data from the USDA to illustrate which Americans are more likely to go without food. more
Grist reports on how "heatflation" could drive up food prices around the world by as much as 3% per year in just over a decade. more
A little-known and poorly understood sleep disorder that occurs during the rapid eye movement, or REM, stage of sleep has been garnering attention for its role in foreshadowing neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. … more
A well-worn joke in American Jewish culture goes like this. A Jewish immigrant landed at Ellis Island in New York. The procedures were confusing, and he was overwhelmed by the commotion. … more
Scenes from the Houston area looked like the aftermath of a hurricane in early May after a series of powerful storms flooded highways and neighborhoods and sent rivers over their banks north of the city. … more
BestCards offers strategies to help consumers see their way through credit card debt during financial hardships. more
Cheap Insurance explores the top 10 targeted vehicles for catalytic converter thefts, and what steps to take for prevention and protection. more
BestColleges asks students what they want and expect from post-graduation jobs. more
Benzinga spotlights cryptocurrency expert Cathie Wood's view that a $10,000 Etherium investment today could be worth more than $540,000 by 2030. more
Foothold Technology analyzed VA spending and how it has expanded benefits while accommodating the growing share of older veterans. more
Stacker used Bureau of Economic Analysis data to determine the richest states by decade. more
Ophelia analyzed legislation tracked by the NCSL to illustrate how lawmakers are addressing the need for opioid overdose remedies in public spaces. more
Is minimum wage ever a livable wage? used OECD data to chart the U.S. minimum wage compared to other countries to examine the variations. more
FoodReady compared the USDA and FDA's food safety inspection budgets and explored why two agencies oversee the nation's food supply chain instead of one. more
Have you ever wondered how your brain creates thoughts or why something randomly popped into your head? It may seem like magic – but actually the brain is like a supercomputer inside your head that helps you think, learn and make decisions. more
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