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BTW, really dismayed by these quotes:

- “I don’t really know how you could make a case for a variance,” said Lansing’s zoning administrator, Sue Stachowiak. “If anybody really wanted to pursue tinier homes in the city, they’d have to contact a City Council member and see if there is any support for a change in the ordinance. It really would be difficult otherwise.”

- Added McGrain: “A lot of times, people want to do things that just don’t fit into our building and zoning codes. These exist, on one hand, to lead to consistent and attractive development patterns in the city. From a building standpoint, it also contributes to safety and livability in these places.”

“ Too rigid? Well, they are what they are.”

While not outright defending the outdated 60's-era code, they are basically shrugging while not mentioning there is a solution sitting right before the council in the Committee of the Whole. Why this isn't getting more news or why they don't feel the urgency of this is beyond me. Their city department worked on the city's new master plan from 2012 to 2016 and the Form-Based Code was the last major recommendation from that work. I'm genuinely confused why it's like pulling teeth to get this put back on council's agenda when they were literally month or two from passing it out of committee to the full council. It basically had full support and then it just...disappeared from the council agenda.

From: Developers want to build smaller homes. What’s stopping them?

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